Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stay Gold

Whew!  That was an exhausting two weeks!  I'll be posting regularly from now on, I swear it.
But let's get to more pressing matters.

Like how Cameron Mitchell made me sob uncontrollably this episode.

I know I've been shitting on him week after week during this competition, but don't get me wrong: Cameron was always one of my favorites.  Cameron is, like McKynleigh was, just not the kind of person who knows how to be on reality television.  Cameron loves music, not fame and definitely Hollywood, it seems.

It's a shame, because Cameron seemed to be getting more comfortable with the idea of being on a television show when they sprung this on him.  He seemed pretty excited for the homework assignment...kind of.

"Ah! A girl! Get it off me!"

I thought he...did seem uncomfortable in the homework assignment though.  He just tried to 'Cameron' his way through it instead of really engaging.  He and Samuel suffer from the same problem, which is that they approach every challenge the same way, which makes sense.  The two of them are in the music industry, and it's all about branding nowadays.  Cameron's awkward-soul-hipster persona was never going to work with a sexually charged challenge.  It's like trying to get Paula Dean to write a book on diet and exercise.

"The word sexuality makes me uncomfortable."

And I have no idea what happened after that homework assignment, but boy was de-pressed afterwords.  You'd need two hands to count the number of pep talks he got from the rest of the cast, especially from Damian.  I can't even make fun of him for randomly having that t-shirt strewn across his chest it's so melancholy.

"This could be like the fun, flirty video."
*silent look of horror*

This whole shoot, on the other hand, was inadvertantly hilarious.

"Yeah, I kinda feel weird about it."

I've been trying to watch these episode's with different people every week, and this week I watched it with my friend Erica, who is a Film student at NYU, studying film direction.  Essentially, she's going to be a huge director some day and let me live in her pool house.  Anyways, when Cameron refused to kiss Hannah, I asked her what she would do.  Her reply?

"I'd fire him immediately."

Thankfully, Hannah was probably the best person for him to be paired up with in this assignment--the mentors even commented that she was the only reason their scene together worked was because of their chemistry and friendship.

All things considered, I thought he did pretty well in this video.  He seemed to overcome his nervousness, and probably realized he was going to have to be extra dynamic and flirty because he wouldn't kiss Hannah.  Erica thought he kinda sucked.

However, boy still ends up in the bottom, and at this point, he just seems ready to go.  However...that performance of Blackbird was beautiful--you could feel exactly what he was going through from the way he sung it.  Probably top three in terms of last chance performances.

"I feel like it's not fair for me to go on [...] maybe this isn't for me."

In case you didn't know, I've seen a LOT of reality television, but like Ryan said, I've never seen one be so deeply convinced that he/she didn't deserve to be there--generally, all they think about is how to win.  This was a beautiful sort of epiphany on Cameron's part, and it was just as beautiful how he handled it.

"I think I'm ready to go."

Even more amazing to me was just how firm he was in his stance that he did not deserve to be there.  Ryan basically begged him to stay on the show.

 And who didn't cry at the fact that he saved his best friend from elimination?  I mean, come on--that was heart-wrenching.
 "When your heart changes, or you feel like you should be somewhere else, you just go for it."

He's awfully poignant for a 20 year old, isn't he?  This is something that our parents try to teach us.
And while we're clearly incredibly sad to see him go, Cameron has certainly made a huge splash in the music world since being on The Glee Project--his EP has hit within the Top 100 albums on iTunes--#58 last I checked; #16 in Pop albums although I believe they were higher.  I've already personally bought it, and it's absolutely fantastic.

You guys should probably buy it, too, so here's the link:

Congrats Cameron!


  1. My friend Rachel loves Cameron with a sexual passion...And I believe it was sad to see him go, and i think Alex should have hit the road.

  2. Why did he even want to be on Glee? Did he even want to be on Glee? If so, perhaps he should have watched a couple episodes before auditioning for the Gleek Project. Girls and boys kiss, boys and boys kiss, and girls and girls kiss (and do a lot more, remember Brittany S. Pierce and Santana on the bed???

    They should call back someone else; those who got kicked off shouldn't be penalized for his actions.

    Final three: Samuel and Lindsay fight it out, even though both have the least amount of "character". Damian's next, then Alex, then Hannah. I love Hannah! And she was so beautiful in that video.

  3. Oh, "The Outsiders". Stay gold Cameron, stay gold. :D