Sunday, August 7, 2011

Squinty, Snarly, Sexy

 "Would it be weird if I hit on you?"

So...this started off interestingly enough for Samuel.  Who, of course, spent the rest of the episode talking about how uncomfortable he was being gay with Alex.  Dear editors: CONTINUITY.

A concept which was also completely lacking in this video.  Next time you use multiple takes, try to make sure Sam doesn't go from one girl/place/etc from one cut to the next.

In terms of this being a winning performance...I mean, okay.  If it had been the first time I'd seen Samuel perform, I might have held him in pretty high contention, too.  But if he's just going to punch instrument and continue to snarl at everyone from here on out, these rest of his blog posts are going to get real boring.

Also, way to move around, Cameron.

His reaction to working with Alex was ridiculously endearing, and completely out of the character that the rest of the episode tried to set him up as.  I mean, look at that adorable face!

"My mom is Christian, and she raised me Christian, and 
she wouldn't want to see me portray someone gay."

Tell me about it--my mother raised me Christian too, and when she found out I was gay for realz...she just sorta cried for a sec, and then told me she loved me.  Dear gay teenagers across America: your parents love you, Christian or not-Christian.  It really bothers that TV shows keep making religion stand in contrast to homosexuality--I'm gay and Christian, and I have two Christian parents.  Religion does not influence your views on homosexuality; ignorance does.

Okay, rant over.

 "That was so good!"

Dear everyone else this week: the reaction you DO want from Nikki his her bobbing her head along with the music, singing silently with you.  In all fairness, he really did give a great, original vocal.

Before he completely disappeared in the video.  Before I go any further, can some answer this question: WHO HAS RED LIGHTS IN THEIR GARAGE?  Seriously, I have no idea what kind of creative direction they were taking from lighting in this video, but it was ridiculous: zero light for Damian and Lindsay, blinding light for Cameron and Hannah, and then...infrared  for Sam and Alex?  What?

Samuel must have had an conjunctivitis that day or something, because his eyes did not open once.  I'm sorry, but Lindsay, again, was TOTALLY right about that squinty-eyed thing.  He doesn't look sexy; he looks sleepy.  Look at that second shot--that's a total sleep walking face if I've ever seen one.

And another thing--where was he in this video?  He won the challenge, yet he's in significantly less of the music video than everyone else.  I'm guessing that they cut a lot of his film for being dull or something, because whenever he and Alex popped up on the screen, it was clear who was doing the bulk of the work/acting.

Somehow, Sam gets a callback to the top three, and I am completely confused.  Not that I don't like him--it took me a while, but I do now--but other than just having that innate presence, he really didn't do much in the way of performing this episode.  Even he seemed surprised that he wasn't in the bottom three.


  1. First off, A+ for your rant! I'm a Christian raised by two Christian parents & I don't think Christianity & homosexuality have to be mutually exclusive. I was taught (& I believe) God is a God of love. So for Him to say "I love everyone unconditionally... except this group of people" just doesn't jive with me. Ok my rant's over, now to the show.
    Is it me or are these video concepts getting progressively worse? Samuel's vocals were the bomb diggity this week but he & his vocals were barely show cased! Although I disagree with you, Sam, Samuel can seduce me any time he likes! I thought he deserved to be in the top three. His vocals were amazing and he was the only straight guy not afraid to flirt with Alex which is why they paired them up in the video too. I don't think he's super squinty in this episode. (I did watch next week's video... SUPER squinty! I'll be surprised if he's not in the bottom tonight.)

  2. You're right, he can only seem to do one type of character. But man oh man, I'd marry that squinty eyed boy so hard. ;-)