Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seventh Episode Rankings

It's going to be weird doing this without Marissa, but here we go anyways.

This was a weird list to make this week, because generally how I work this is rank the contestants homework performances, video performances, effort, and, if necessary, their last chance performances, which tend to only give contestants leverage over other last chance performers.  The weird thing is...well, you'll see.

6) Cameron

Here's the thing: Cameron's last chance performance was beautiful, and definitely significantly better than those of Alex and Damian.  However, his homework and video performance were significantly less impressive than the either of the ones those two came up with.  I probably would have put him in the bottom, but with a slightly different assortment of people.

5) Samuel

Like this guy.  I'm sorry you guys, but Lindsay was right: he does that squinty-eyed thing all the time:  Vulnerability, Pairability, Tenacity, and now Sexuality.  Such is the problem with the varied homework judges; they can't see how each individual contestant approaches each homework, so people keep getting praised for doing the exact same thing.  Couple that with the fact that he's practically invisible in the music video (although it was pretty dark) and you can see why I totally would have put Sam in the bottom this week.

4) Alex

I actually liked Alex's interpretation of sexuality--a more playful, flirty kind than the intense one.  His homework performance was pretty adorable, as was his video shoot.  His attitude also seemed to take a bit of a breather this episode: he was significantly less of a bitch this time around.  He probably still would have been in my bottom three because his singing in the video was awful.

3) Damian

I have no idea what the hell Ryan Murphy's problem was this week--you were going to kick out the guy who had improved steadily, but couldn't act better than the noted best actress in the group over two guys who'd been in the bottom the last four weeks in a row?  What?  I thought Damian did pretty awesome in this episode--he probably would have been my second pick for the homework, and he acted and sang terrifically in the video.  Zach just likes calling him a 'bottom'.

2) Hannah
This was the decision I had the hardest time over, but I think Hannah just missed the number one spot this week.  She did a pretty remarkable job in both the homework and the video but for some reason her singing kind of took a bit of a hit this week.  She still had the most natural acting in the video, which is probably what got her first call back in the final reveal thinger.

1) Lindsay
This feels LONG overdue, but there's no denying it: Lindsay SERVED in this episode.  The fact that her biggest detractors were that her voice was too powerful for the pathetic 'Teenage Dream" melody, and that her acting was too good have literally got to be the silliest thing I've heard or observed on this show.  No, the challenge couldn't keep up with her this week because she was above it.  Pair that with some of the best acting that's been featured this season, and ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new number one seed.


  1. I agree with most of your opinions, but here's one of mine.. I know Alex is gay and all of that, and I don't mean to sound rude, but why does every else have to act gay for him? why does he ever try to act a character that is straight? many guys in the entertainment bussiness do that, for example Neil Patrick Harris in HIMYM so I don't think that they are always making it simplier for him and putting the other guys under pressure by making them act like they were gay.

  2. I totally understand what your saying and agree, but on the other side of the argument acting is very challenging for straight males, so maybe they figured they could weed out the strong competitors in that sense. But I definitely agree with you just thought id bring light to what their thought process could be! :)

  3. I think that it's more that they want more visibility for gay characters--if you look through time, how many gay characters have there been as opposed to straight characters? Yes, we're seeing more gay characters now on television, but that's because homosexuality is finally being accepted more by mass culture.

  4. you should have taken Ryan Murphy's spot! your opinion is always fair and objective!

  5. First of all I have to say, Sam your blog is amazing. Second, I love Alex, I think hes crazy talented and an awesome person, with that said I don't think that he is my pick for TGP He hasn't changed the way the others have. It seems each of them have grown but Alex remains the same. I am at the point where I wish they would just make Glee 3.0 or something because I am in love with the whole Glee project cast. I don't want to see any of them go. But if I had to pick for tonights episode I would pick Alex.. Just because he hasn't grown like the others have....

  6. I agree with all of these rankings except I think Hannah should be behind Damien. Lindsay however, is definitely the best - by a long shot both vocally and acting-wise!

  7. Love your blog, I'd really been looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this episode! :-)