Sunday, August 21, 2011

No, What's YOUR Favorite Color?

Somebody ate their Wheaties this morning.  Where the hell did this come from?!  I guess it was a nice boost of confidence to not have had to lip-synch for his life, but damn if that kid didn't go from zero to sixty because of it.

"I don't need a comb..."

And then IMMEDIATELY back down to zero.  This kid is like narcoleptic.

Because this vocal performance was STUNNING.  Lindsay, in my opinion, still did the best overall, but Alex completely blew all of the guys out of the water on a vocal front this challenge.  That was a master class in singing.  Unfortunately for him, he looked like he was doing it in his sleep, and the challenge went to Lindsay.  I do have to say though, that final note was sharper than Chris Colfer's wit--disappointing note to end on.

"Dude, what the eff is this thing?"

I thought this was pretty hysterical.  I'm still laughing at it, actually.  I mean, fine, you don't know what a bass guitar is, but when you have two instruments remaining, and one of them is BLATANTLY an electric get my point, right?  I mean, it was clearly editing, but I just want to hold onto the fabricated delusion just because of how perfect it was.  I also loved how he picked it up.  Little things.

Part of me feels bad for him because there is no one on earth that knows how a bass guitar is played (let alone what a bass guitar is, half the time) besides people who play bass guitar.  Hell, I have two cousins who play it, and I still pronounced it 'bahss' (as in, rhymes with glass) up until six months ago.

At the same time, it's a fairly easy instrument to fake for a song with such a simplistic base line, it was like his only challenge was making it look interesting (more on that later.)

"We're either singing with a Glee cast mate, a fallen contender...
or some random person off the street."

But only those three options.  Nothing else could be possible ever.  No.

I mostly just put this picture up coz my Massachusetts brother looks ADORBS in that outfit.

"All four of these amazingly talented students were randomly snatched off the street."

Or, you know, selected from a rigorous casting process involving thousands of overbearing parents, lying about their children being in an after school music program to get them on a show that had 'Glee' in the title so they could continue living out their dreams through said children.

Now, Alex and Alegria's pairing really could have gone one of two ways, in the way I saw it: either Alex was gonna be all energetic and sassy, and have the girl cracking up, or he was going to be nervous and over-think how to interact with a child and totally screw it up.
"What's your favorite color?"

Clearly, Alex found himself in the latter situation.  I'm not entirely ready to blame this on Alex--he did have the quietest mentee--but I think that where he really failed was in his approach.  Each of the other contenders managed to find out something interesting or important to their baby Gleeks and talked them to death about it, and for all I know, Alex's scene with Alegria was edited to hell.  But given their interactions throughout the rest of the show, probably not.

"Is it too heavy?"

I do have to give him credit though--he never stopped trying to connect with her and make sure she was okay and comfortable.  As nearly non-existent as their connection was, you could tell that he was really concerned for her happiness, and that in and of itself is touching.

I don't really trust what the mentors say in their little pow-wow sessions anymore, but their criticism of Alex being less comfortable as a mentor definitely seemed to make a ton of sense given their interactions.

I hate to say it, but Samuel and Alex were pretty much neck and neck for worst in the music video for me, but I think Alex definitely performed the worst after closely surveying his part.  Unfortunately, Alex's concern for Alegria's comfort level is what seems to have gotten him there.  He seemed like he was holding back so that she wouldn't get scared or uncomfortable, but at some point he needed to realize that focusing all of his attention on her was not going to make for a very dynamic performance.

I will say, however, that the mentors were either full of shit when they said Alex didn't make up a move with Alegria (hello middle shot!) or they had to set up interactions with her, and that would have definitely put up a red flag.

I felt really bad for Alex's situation with the song, but I have to admit, Nikki's reaction was pretty hilarious.  She seemed very genuinely surprised when he said he hated the song, and almost mortified when he told her why.  However, I have to much shit as I give Nikki...she really does give these kids the best advice of all of the mentors, including Ryan.  She seems to understand them a lot more than the guys do, and because of that, she knows exactly what to say to them to get them through their hold ups.  Telling Alex to think of the song as a perspective on his dad being in a better place, rather than just a song sung at his funeral was absolutely genius.

Because Alex delivered not only the last chance performance of the night, but his best one of the season.  Just absolutely beautifully sung, and not sung in a falsetto.  There was something moving about the way he sang this song.  Stunning.

Of course, the best part about this?

"You're just... really interesting."

He got Glee's better half's attention in a big way.  Ian couldn't stop fawning over him.

Why the hell wasn't THAT guy making cuts all season?  How the hell is Ryan Murphy still EMPLOYED when Ian is clearly the brains behind the writing and creative decisions--he came up with more interesting character lines for everyone of these kids in one episode than Ryan has in an entire season of watching them.

So OF COURSE Alex is safe, just as I knew he would be.  His voice and raw character alone could have gotten him into the top three of this competition, which he unfortunately seemed to understand.  I say unfortunately because I know his attitude thus far has earned him quite a few naysayers, and I was one of them.

I don't think he quite has the complete package to win this thing, just because he seems to need to grow up a little bit before he's ready to put his talent to use in such a major way, but then again he seems to be improving in the home stretch, and he's definitely caught Ian's eye in a huge way.  We'll just have to see how this plays out tonight.

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