Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ninth Episode Rankings & Winner Prediction

So the time at last has come: tonight, one of these adorable little pseudo-rejects will be crowned Gleekiest, and then...well I'm not sure.  I'll still be posting wrap ups on each person, and then maybe do a ranking, but I think...I think this blog may be kind of over for a little while after that.  I'll definitely post updates on things going on with the contenders--I'll let you guys know if anything big happens for them (contenders, let me know!) but other than that, I'll miss this show.  It's really been a great time, hasn't it?

Also, SO MANY of you have been asking me who I think is going to win, and I haven't responded to you for a reason: I have both a 'should' and a 'will' for who is going to win, and I wanted to amp up the drama of the reveal.  Don't look at me like that--I had to watch Matheus' stripper performance five times in a row for the screenshot.  I've earned a little self-indulgence.
Anyways, let's rip into these kids one more time.  And yes, I can call them kids because they are all younger than I am--now THAT is a terrifying thought.

4) Damian

I tried, Damo fans, I really, really did, but whichever way I spun it, Damian was definitely the weakest contender this week.  That's not to say his performance was weak--on the contrary.  Damian had pretty much his best week ever in my opinion.  The problem in him landing here is that he was the only contender that really didn't excel in anything this week--he was just consistently good.  It really says something about how well these guys did this episode that 'good' is only good enough for last place.

3) Alex

Alex was vocally at the top of his game this episode--his 'Lean On Me' (save that last shriek) was an astounding display of vocal talent; I was impressed that he was able to tone it down and hit some lower, richer notes for the music video; and his last chance performance was sublime.  His acting and stage presence, however, was oddly still a little lethargic.  Not only that, but he was the only one of the contenders who pretty much failed at the challenge of acting as a mentor.  Unfortunately, since that was the entire premise of the episode, it kind of defeats the impressiveness of his vocal triumphs.

2) Samuel

Yeah, I'm surprised too.  Initially, I had Samuel in last place, but when I watched the episode back, I realized how wrong I was.  In my opinion, he was the best mentor--he transformed his mini-me from shy guy to baby punk rocker, and did it in the most adorable way possible.  Unfortunately, he kind of...didn't do so well in the video. His last chance performance was pretty much par for the course, but while everybody else chose to really showcase exactly who they were, Samuel seemed to be acting out a part that he thought Ryan wanted to see.  And then that note...yikes.  Still, best mentor is at least good enough for second.

1) Lindsay

Lindsay brought her A-Game when everyone else was barely managing a B-.  From the homework, to her vocals, to her acting, to her last chance performance, she almost effortlessly destroyed the competition this episode.  On top of all that, she seemed to really be enjoying herself, and the positivity and relaxation she was feeling really shone through, and made her performances very raw, real, and, very Lindsay--and there is nothing but good about that.

And now, predictions.

This section comes in two parts: the person who SHOULD win, and the person who WILL win.

SHOULD WIN:  Lindsay

Whether you've liked the girl all season long, just started to like her, or completely hate her, it's hard to deny that Lindsay, of all the contenders remaining (and, with one exception, all the contenders PERIOD) should be the one walking away with the prize tonight.  All season long she's been the most consistently exceptional in terms of acting and singing, and she is the only one of the contenders who never seemed to complain about anything.  She was always completely professional and industrious on set (save that one infamous incident with Ellis) and has seemingly always been among the mentors favorites--even in the casting episode.  Lindsay always gives it her all, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, or getting slushied, and never faltered in the face of criticism, always maintaining a poise and a positivity that the show seems to value above all else.  I've had fun poking at her all season, and she's basically the entire reason this blog exists--You Say Lindsay Like It's A Bad Thing is still among my highest rated entries, and it was from two months ago--but there's really no denying it: Lindsay is the best this season had to offer, and deserves to win the Glee Project.

WILL WIN: Damian

I can already hear all of you screaming "WHAT?!"  I'm looking at it this way you guys: Damian is...adorable.  All season long I've said so.  Along with that, he is the most inherently unique contender in the competition, and he's absolutely captivated Ryan--and now Ian--with the possibilities for his character on Glee.  Before the episode last week, I told myself that Damian was either going to get cut, or win the whole thing.  And now I'm pretty sure he has.  He may not be the best singer, or the best actor, and he's a HORRIBLE dancer, but the boy totally has that x-factor.  It may be a little premature, but I'm pretty comfortable congratulating Damian here.

I guess at this point we'll just see what happens. #believe


  1. I have to say that I agree with you 100%, which isn't something I say very often. Lindsay should win, but Damian will and I am totally OK with that. I could look forward to seeing Damo on my tv every week and that is what the producers want. I would love Lindsay to win, but, honestly, I see her ending up on Glee either way.
    I would be OK with Samuel winning as I like him and think it would be fun to have a guy who kicks butt in a rock band coming into New Directions and having to learn how to be a team player and deal with being a sudden loser. Not an underdog my ass, that would be interesting. I could take or leave the Christianity thing, take if it's done well.
    Alex is talented, but I don't think he's ready for tv. I don't hate him like a lot of people, but I don't want him to win. I would pay to go see him on Broadway, though.

  2. Damian should win exactly for what you said. He is adorable, he is good looking, he could be the new Finn (bad dancing and all), Britney not ever understanding a word he says would be hilarious and overall his performance isn't that bad. He is growing rapidly, with a bit of glee training he'll be able to kick ass and I could totally see him getting his contract renewed. I also think that now that the Glee people have done casting calls and invested so much in preparing these kids, it would only make sense if they would look out for them in future searches for castings, so they might hire Lindsay later on or any other one of the guys who stayed till the end.
    As for your blog, you can blog about Glee every week. You're an awesome blogger it would be such a shame not to have your entries to read each week.

  3. I've thought Damien would be the winner for a while too..
    I guess we'll just see


  5. I think you are right and Damian will win...although I think we will definitely see the "christian character" that RM keeps going on about, whether or not Samuel or Cameron plays him.

    Also, I agree with Luisro above - I hope you continue to blog and Glee would be an obvious extension. And I would love updates on the Glee project contestants. If not, I will look forward to coming here next summer! (If Glee gets a season 4, I am sure the Glee Project will get a season 2, Right?)

  6. I have a conspiracy theory that they wanted Damian to win and push an illegal immigration arc all season long (Damian's blue-eyed whiteness will only wake people up to how racist most anti-immigration laws are).

    Damian NEVER got long solos in the music videos and we ALWAYS saw his cute little behind-the-scenes exchanges with the other contenders.

    As much as I think this contest was rigged, I have to admit they rigged it for the most adorable, swoon-worthy Irish guy I've ever seen. Can you imagine how the millions of people who didn't watch TGP are going to react when they see this kid on Glee? they will instantly google his name and turn into mush as soon as they see him as a 14 year old in Celtic Thunder.

    A lot can be said about Ryan Murphy, but no one can argue that he isn't a smart and shrewd business man.

  7. Truth of the matter is he needs Lindsay, and Damian, and Samuel. He needs Lindsay for the b!tch-ability (and that voice), and then he can make Rachel more relatable in her senior year. He needs Damian for the lower voice and natural comedic abilities. He needs Samuel for the rock songs (Lea Michelle does most of them now, and all respect to the diva, she's not a credible rocker) and the natural dancing ability (someone needs to parallel Harry).

    I predict an ending that involves multiple winners/roles.

  8. I hope Alex doesn't win. Nothing against his personality, but when he's not in a "diva-mode", he's boring. He doesn't seem to make it as real as Lindsay or Damian.

    Sorry for bad English

  9. I'd be really bummed if Damian won, in part because I'm team Lindsay because she can play a challenge to Lea Michele, and then they can make peace before Lea 'graduates' and Lindsay can take her legacy.

    Damian just doesn't cut it. At this point, I think Samuel might take the win, but I'm hoping for Linsday.

  10. I don`t know what I think about Samuel and Damian winning. My 3 favorites had to be Lindsay, Marrissa, and Damian, in fact, I want to name my kid Lindsay.
    Honestly, Lindsay has it all- more than enough to be on Glee.
    She has the looks, the voice, the dancing, the acting and the personality. People may say she`s a b!tch, but, she isn`t half bad. Lindsay just has the star factor that everybody wants. Damian, well, he`s okay, he just doesn`t have that extra "umph". And Samuel, well, I have to admit, I see little to nothing in him, he honestly bores me. I would`ve loved to see Lindsay where she belongs- on 7 episodes of Glee, but atleast she gets 2. And Alex, well, Alex is just not good enough to judge. I have always loved Lindsay and I think she is even a bit more talented than Lea or Dianna- don`t get me wrong, they are wonderful, but I see alot more in Lindsay. I have to admit, her last chance perfomance "Defying Gravity" hit a few wrong turns. BUT LINDSAY HAD ENOUGH TO BE ON GLEE!!!!
    Honestly, I think Damian was a "should" and Lindsay was a "will". She was the best at perfomorming. People need to stop hating on her, they are only jealous. When I watched TGP, not many people REALLY entertained me, it was all Lindsay. She would stand out in the crowd, and I could hear her voice the most when they all sang the most. And seriously, only 1 mentor session? I have to thank Kevin McHale for that. Thank you Kevin!!!!! I think the other people on Glee just didn`t WANT to see much in her- I think they had something against her. In my eyes she is perfect, and Glee was made for her to be on it. Think whatever you want to, but it seemed to be her destiny to win.

  11. My mouth is still open, I was never this disappointed of Ryan.

  12. I really don't think there's a "should have won". A decision was made and they're all deserving of it. Lindsay may be the most talented, but Glee already has a character like her and same with Alex. Who wins, wins, and that's that.