Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's Get Into This

So after waiting for an upload to finally show up (thank you, again, Twilink) I can finally get down to business, and talk about this final episode of The Glee Project.

Or, as I have been referring to it, the episode where EVERYONE GETS A CAR!!!

Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming.  For all of you who raised a hand, now take it and slap yourself in the face with it.

Also, I have to say: the staging in this episode was almost comically obvious.  The producers may as have well had subtitles running across the bottom of the screen reading "Happy Moment!" "Excitement!" "LOOK AT HOW GLEEFUL THEY ARE OMGROFL!!!!!"  Meanwhile of course all of their confessionals are like "I'm going to rip his vocal chords out and eat them I want this so much."

Of course, Ryan Murphy shows up and all of them come thisclose to pissing themselves (from the looks of it, Damian already had).  He says some bitchy things about how horribly their choreography sucks and then...

Honestly, it's sort of in my nature to want to say something contrived and bitchy, but I got ridiculously choked up watching this.  Generally in reality tv competitions, when people get brought back for whatever reason--especially when it's, you know, the whole cast, there's a lot of 'oh, yayyyyy...".  But you could really sense that these guys really had become a family of sorts, and that they loved being around each other.  I don't want you guys to get the idea that I'm just throwing this in because I'm prone to hyperbole, but this really was the best finale I have ever seen on a reality show.

If for no other reason than to hear Emily coin my new favorite term: Glee-yotch.  Girl, I missed you.

But seriously, I don't think I've ever seen such an upbeat finale.  Generally everyone is dead tired at this point and is basically just leaving it up to chance, but these kids kicked their asses in to gear, and their positivity really shined through--probably because Hannah was back.  Oh it felt good to see her again.

It's taking all the restraint I have not to make the rest of this post just screen shots and smileys, so y'all know.

Choked up part two when Ellis threw herself into Zach's arms, and he responded with a shout of glee.  

"Yay, not so much."

YAY HANNAH!!!!!  You guys, I might as well tell you at this point who my favorites on this show were, as though you haven't already guessed: Hannah, Marissa, Ellis, Lindsay, and Damian.  Generally those are in no particular order, but I get an extra little pang of giddiness when Hannah pops up on my screen.  Just asked the friend I watched it with; every time Hannah made an appearance, it was all "HANNAH!!!" in a high pitched scream.  That girl just lights up a screen.

Also, this girl just worked the fuck out.  Look at that HAIR.  It is like...I want Marissa's hair so effing bad!  How can someone look that sexy after dancing for hours?!  I go to a club for twenty minutes and I am WRECKED, girl. 

"Too much happy, can't process...stop smiling...stop it!  YOUR LAUGHTER BURNS MY EYES!"

The feeling is mutual, babe.

They all seemed really happy to be working together again, and it was adorable that they seemed to try to pair everyone up with who they had gotten along best with on the show.

I'll be getting to everyone else in the next couple of days, but for now, let's focus on the video as a whole, and the kids who got kicked off:

Listen, Bryce's style is never going to be my thing, but I do have to give the guy props--he certainly has a style.  From what I can tell, he's been developing quite the following with his music, and his new song, 'Satellite' is actually pretty good.  If you're interested in hearing more from him, Bryce has a website:

As you all know, Ellis (along with Marissa) was an early favorite of mine, and for that I will always have a soft spot.  She may not have been the best in this video, but she was definitely one of the cutest--that blowing a kiss move was too adorable for words.  Ellis hasn't been as flashy as some other ex-contenders, but what she has done is pretty impressive; girl got herself into the Columbia College Chicago!  If you wanna hear this girl belt out a few tunes, she has a youtube channel: Ellis' Youtube.  My personal favorite is 'She's Got You'.  I can't wait to hear more demos come out of this one.

Emily is a gorgeous girl with gorgeous pipes--and she was giving some FACE in this video.  Very Covergirl esque, and totally suited to her new music--if you all haven't already (which has got to be the most insane thing EVER) check out her new single 'Slow Motion' on her website: and buy it, damn it!  Personally, I think it's impressively written, and GORGEOUSLY sung.

MCBUMPKIN IN THE HIZZHOUSE Y'ALL!!!  There were two girls in this video who were serving fierce like the rent was due and they could pay it in sheer attitude, and Miki here was one of them.  Although, did anyone else kind of catch a hint of sarcasm in her performance?  She seemed like she was giving a big eff you to Ryan for saying she didn't bring it hard enough--girl can BRING THAT SHIT.  Anyways, McKynleigh also shipped herself off to college, and, like Ellis, has a youtube channel: McKynleigh's Youtube I'd check out her covers of Adele--they're pretty awesome.

So as you guys may have noticed...I do not like Matheus.  Like, at all.  Period.  I tried to make it clear that I was only comparing these guys to each other when I said they sucked, but I was also just generally unimpressed with him as a whole.  Still, I can respect a kid who's got something going on and goes for it.  If you want to hear more from Matheus, he's got a youtube page: Matheus' Youtube.

Oh how I missed this girl.  Show of hands: who totally forgot that Marissa had been eliminated during that video?  She just got SO much screen time, and was SO dynamic and amazing and UGH!  The amount of fierceness seething through that girls body would be toxic to pretty much any other human alive.  Absolutely stunning performance, completely breathtaking.  Girl OWNS.  And, if memory serves me correctly, also came in third in the fan favorite poll.  Unfortunately, it seems that Marissa leads kind of a quieter lifestyle than the rest of these kids, and all I could find of her is a facebook fan page: Marissa's Facebook.  I think out of everyone who got eliminated, Marissa probably has the best chance of making it on Glee, and I really hope she does.  I mean, come on:

Who in their RIGHT MIND could deny that level of fierce--I'd love to see her go head to head with Santana in a fight over Brittany and just watch the lesbian fireworks fly.  Hey, she's even said she'd be down.

Cameron doesn't need Glee, and he certainly doesn't need me telling him he's good: kid's AMAZING.  His EP 'Love Can Wait' peaked in the Top 10 pop charts on iTunes, and within the top 50 overall.  That, you guys, is pretty AMAZING.  I mean, he was outselling Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha--ALL OF THEM.  And on top of that, it's really, really good.  Like, I actually play it on my iPod good.  If you want to check out what Cameron has going on, check out him here: Reverbnation: Cameron Mitchell and I highly recommend buying his EP.  Really. It's good.

Let's face it you guys: Hannah got totally cheated out of a top 4 spot that kicked ass for.  I don't know if she would have won, or if she would have even made it to the top 3, but of everyone out of the entire cast, I'm pretty sure everyone loved MC Hannah and her fantastic raps.  She's said that Ashley Fink has been a major inspiration for her, but in my eyes, Hannah is the inspiration.  Girl came into this competition as a complete and utter underdog, and worked her ass off harder than any of the other contestants to earn her place.  Her's wasn't a gap that the show needed to fill, but an addition that Glee needs--a character full of positive exuberance and sheer personality.  If I don't see Hannah on Glee...well, I'll be terribly disappointed--she's more interesting than all of the current characters combined.

I'll be getting to the finalists individually in the next few days, but rest reassured, it may have been a very sort of Oprah thing to do, but I can't deny it: all of those kids deserved to win The Glee Project.


  1. Listen to Marissa's version of City at, it's gorgeous! Great blog thanks!

  2. She also has a myspace page with a lot of music including 'Bust your Windows'! awesome.

  3. "Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming. For all of you who raised a hand, now take it and slap yourself in the face with it."

    This line is fantastic. Props for this one!

  4. Sharing the Hannah love with you. You can see her rapping here

    Samuel and Lindsay are with her, but Hannah owns the impromptu scene!

    Hint for your finalist pics: if you don't get a still of Lindsay straddling Samuel like he's an Olympic event I'm totes gonna have to go all rock badger on yo' ass, Glee-yotch!

  5. I totally agree, Marissa was FIERCE! But when did she say she'd be down with the lesbian thing? I don't remember..
    Can't wait to see what you say about Damien, his reaction was adorable. =)

  6. bahahahaha although I gotta admit, that it'd be hotter if Marissa went head to head with Britt for Sanny...Is it just me or can Santana do so much better than Britt?

  7. Marissa is a red-headed Beyonce!!