Monday, August 8, 2011

For The Love Of Hannah

Can somebody pinch me?

This didn't happen, right?  Like, there's no way it could have happened.  I'm going to watch this next week, and Hannah is going to pop up on my screen, making goofy faces and pining away for Damian and claiming that she has no idea what she's doing before kicking serious ass in the music video, right? Hannah is still in this thing, RIGHT?

Thanks for trying, Hannah.  I'm going to go sob in a corner now.  Damn, this show just got harder to watch.

Um, how weird of a homework assignment was this?  And what the hell is 'Believability'?  Apparently it's a word, because blogger isn't trying to spell check it, but what the hell did it mean in this instance?  They should have just called this the "Acting and Screen Check" challenge, seeing as that was apparently the only thing seemingly taken into account for the bottom three.  Well, that and their abilities to cry believably.

Also, what a FANTASTIC judge.  Not only did it make sense to have her be the judge, but she gave each and every one of them critiques that were both positive and critical.  Darren Criss could learn a thing or two from her.

And for once, I think the winner was pretty indisputible.  Sure, Alex and Lindsay did a pretty good job, but there really was something about Hannah's performance that just made you smile.  Plus, that has got to be the best vocal I think I've heard from her.  The whole thing felt like a hug.  And by 'the whole thing' I meant the tiny little fragment that was partially blocked by Robert's head.

This is Hannah's go to 'win' face, apparently.

"This song is about being in love with someone who doesn't know you exist."

This was a truly amazing sort of moment that still has me laughing.  It seemed like Hannah, as soon as Robert said that, put all of the pieces together in her head--the constant questions about how she felt about Damian, him getting paired with Lindsay last episode, and suddenly this song? Yep.  That is the 'oh shit' face of someone just realizing that everything they've said about the kinda cute boy on the cast is going to be spewed all over national television for the next few months.

Oh reality television, never change.

"I'm so sad I'm not doing floor work!"

This was definitely shaping up to be Hannah's challenge though, wasn't it?  No choreography, a perfect sort of outlet for her alleged feelings for Damian, winning the challenge--maybe the reason they kicked her off was because they expected her to completely obliterate everyone else.

"I'm carrying my books to math class.  I really wish I was your friend."

Or maybe it's because Hannah wasn't giving them the ridiculous, dramatic loving ode to Damian they wanted her to.  This is one of my favorite scenes from the entire show, because it shows everyone just being friendly to each other, and that they all genuinely liked each others company.

 "I just need to hear a little more pain."

Oh Nikki, never stop letting those freudian slips slide.

I will say though, Hannah really gave her best studio performance (at least singing wise) this episode that definitely impressed Nikki.  Her voice has that lovely, raspy, soulful quality to it that gave this punky ballad a bluesy touch.  One of my top five, I think, for the season.

Also, I know I've made it seem like Nikki was this cold, sadistic bitch all season long--and to tell you the truth, I still think she is--but can you deny that these guys haven't become significantly better singers throughout this competition?  Woman knows what she's talking about.

I think that Jenna really helped Hannah this week--it was shocking to see just how much better she got Hannah's vocals to be.  Plus, she seemed like she was a hoot and a half to hang out with--very approachable.

 "You know, they're just 'o's, but they're 'OOOOOooooooOO's."
"You don't have to be afraid of it--emotion will change your vocals completely."

And hot damn if she didn't give the best advice of any mentor this season.  Seriously.  Putting Darren 'Soundbite-and-a-Smile' Criss to SHAME.

I think Hannah must have upset one of the costume gays though, because despite the fact that she looks good over all, whoever picked out her wardrobe matched it EXACTLY to her make up, and then gave her a nude colored shirt, which was hella distracting.

Whatever put Hannah in the bottom three is a complete mystery to me, because I thought she did amazingly in the video.  They gave her the most to work with, different level which she was able to convey with amazing subtlety.  I actually believed she might have been in love with Alex, but then, she was probably just thinking of Damian.  Whatever it was, it worked--Hannah's sadness looked real and made me a little choked up.

As did her 'who, me?' reaction to noticing Samuel pining for her.  It was a very believable transition from being sad, to a sort of gracious acknowledgment of flattery, and then back to a silent sadness.

The 'O's were a little terrifying to be honest.  But I don't think that's as much Hannah's fault as it is the fault the director for not realizing that transitioning to a person randomly belting 'OOOOOooooOOOO' in succession was bound to look bizarre--had it just been Hannah singing the whole time, this probably would have looked fine.

It was so refreshing to see someone comfortable performing for Ryan, and even excited by the possibility.  Although watching it back for screenshots, I do have to admit that it's a little sad, knowing what Hannah's fate would be.

There's no denying it: this performance is what got her cut.  Sure, Ryan made himself look like a total asshole by basically saying the only thing she had going for her was that she was more relate-able that the other two, but he wasn't necessarily wrong--Samuel and Lindsay are really, really good singers, especially Lindsay, and Hannah's performance was oddly strained this week.  She tried to sing like Taylor Swift, and honey, not even Taylor Swift can sing like Taylor Swift half the time.  I would have loved to hear her have done it all raspy and bluesy like she does so well.

In the end, Ryan did say one thing that made sense to me:

"I wish you were more confident--I wish you could see you like we see you."
 "I catch glimpses."

Hopefully, having watched this show, and seeing the response she's gotten, Hannah's finally gotten an eyeful of just how amazing she is.  Personally, I thought she was going to win from the Dance episode on.  I'm sad that she didn't win the contract, but come on--who here DOESN'T think Hannah is totally going to be on Glee this Fall?

Hope to see you soon, MC Hannah.


  1. I definitely agree with you about Hannah, she shouldn't have been sent home this week. I thought her and Damian were the best at acting and singing in the music video but her performance was terrible, but I guess she will do well otherwise.

    I feel like that have to make another group to compete with sooner or later and it has to be the Glee Project kids (Well some of them). Hopefully we will see Hannah (and Marissa) on the show in the future.

  2. I am with you 100%, except of course you getting down on my boy Darren Criss (even if you are right that Jenna was a better mentor). I definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Hannah on Glee and would love that to happen. I was sad after her performance though, because I knew she was a goner. It was just one of the weakest bottom 3 performances yet. Although, when Samuel did his crazy rocker schtick after being told to be more vulnerable, I thought he might have saved our girl. That and pretending he was a sweet little Christian boy because he has a tattoo. Alas, not to be, I would have rather said goodbye to him.

  3. I'm starting to dislike the show you know? for God's sake if Damian wasn't there I would have stopped watching it a long time ago.... now I hope he wins this thing!!!

  4. First Marissa, and now HANNAH?
    c'mon, what's their problem!?!? But i guess it was a problem of, being in front of Ryan, against the two other guys who can sign awesomly.
    But im so sad... she was like, the only person everyone could relate to in so many ways. And she just made you happy when you watch her.

    An yeah, i was surprise. Jenna was the best mentor so far, and i thought she would suck at it, but she was actually great. Cheer for Jenna!

  5. Oh my goodness.
    This sucks, Hannah was awesome to watch. She was the most hilarious person to listen to in her confessionals, with her love of Damian and her "oh no you didn't" when he was paired with Lindsay. She will be missed. I hope we see her somewhere else soon.
    And just a side note to Sam, you make me laugh out loud, literally.
    I sit here and read your blog while I'm at work and laugh at the computer. It's quite a site.
    So keep it up, I'm depending on you to keep me awake these long hours of working! Haha.

    1. This is still one of my favorite comments :)

  6. meh.. bring back the Ginger.. *wah*!

  7. They should have had Hannah sing something of Adele's instead of Taylor Swift. I feel like they had already made the decision she was going to go, and gave her a song that didn't suit her at all to justify it. Hannah is wonderful and I really wanted her to stay. I can no longer think of Ryan Murphy as anything but asshat.

  8. Wow, I'm surprised you posted so fast! Hannah was going strong up until her last chance performance - that was a little painful to listen to. But all that stuff before - Hannah is Glee. She is gleeful. I will miss her terribly.

    Lindsay's totally right about Samuel approaching everything the same way: with the Intense Squint of Sexiness. Also, after deliberating for a long time about whether or not he should be believable in himself or believable in the character Ryan's looking for, he chose the latter while trying to impress (cough suck up cough) Ryan during his last chance performance, and that totally turned me off to him.

    Man, I seriously thought that Hannah was going to win this competition. She might not have strong vocals, but her personality... now I have no hope :( Lindsay and Alex have been cast as villains during the show and Damian... is too famous already. At least, that's what I'm trying to delude myself into thinking. Please win Irish Spring!

  9. firstly, as much as I love Samuel, Lindsay was right, and secondly, it was incredibly painful to listen to Hannah's Last Chance Performance..I know that song off by heart, sucked massively I'm sorry to say. Lastly, Bryce, Emily, Marissa, and Hannah have all been in front of Ryan once and he evicted them on the first time :( that sucks