Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eighth Episode Rankings

Jesus, it feels like only yesterday I was putting Matheus in the bottom every week.

Alright Gleek Projecters, this week it gets a little interesting.  I know that at this point, everyone has favorites, and that there is probably going to be a grand scale disagreement over these rankings. Not that I don't think it was good to finally get Lindsay, Samuel, and Hannah in front of Ryan, but I feel like the apparent gas leak that was causing everyone to forget everything really left it's mark this week, causing the wrong person to go home.

Now let's look at some unflattering/hysterical photos of everybody!

5)  Samuel

Yes, I know, I know--what kind of heretic am I to put the almighty Samuel at the bottom?  Listen you guys, love up on his sexy, bad-boy 'tude all you want, but if you look at this episode objectively, there's just no way Samuel should have stuck around.  First, he sucked in the homework, then he was...weird in the studio, and then he sucked in the video.  Seriously you guys: squinting isn't acting.  Couple all of that with a disappointing last chance performance, and you know where he lands for me.

3) tie: Damian and Lindsay

I've always tried to keep from putting up ties, but this week, it felt wrong to put either of these kids in forth place--Samuel's performance was just that unimpressive this episode.

Listen, I love Damian as much as the next overly-caffeinated gay blogger, but I also don't grade on a curve.  Damian is a great singer, his acting is definitely getting better, and he's indubitably grown the most out of all the remaining contenders (I'm not counting Hannah). However, he still hasn't had that major moment yet in the competition, the way Hannah, Samuel, and Alex have.  Lindsay hasn't exactly had that moment either, but she needs it less--she's more technically talented.

HOWEVER, although, vocally, Lindsay was amazing this week, there's something about her that still seems almost like she's holding back.  I think what's going on is that she thinks she's going to lose, so she's refusing to give it her all so that she can be immediately at peace with getting kicked off.  Still, I loved her rendition of 'True Colors', and her part in 'The Only Exception' was astonishing--another performance for the top ten of the season.  However, her acting, although very good, was a little...weird.  If you watching the music video on mute, Lindsay is far and away the best actress in it, but with sound, the two just didn't quite mesh.

2) Hannah

I feel that it is to Hannah's credit that she is this high, despite giving a pretty terrible last chance performance.  She was good in this episode!  For narrative purposes, they really couldn't put Alex in the bottom again without eliminating him, and I suspect that Damian surprised the mentors with just how much he'd grown, so they gave him a pass, which just sort of arbitrarily left Hannah on the chopping block, despite the fact that she performed either best or second best in everything all episode long.  But when Lindsay delivered a slamming 'Maybe This Time', and Samuel flaunted his unexpected Christianity, while Hannah served up a luke warm performance, it really put Ryan's credibility on the line, and he was forced into eliminating her.  At least, that makes the most sense to me.

1) Alex

Now before you all gang up on me and berate me as a traitor, I think you really need to think about this: whom would you have put here?  And before I get a deluge of fangirl/fanboy responses, shouting their favorite contender, just really think about it.  Alex was the most consistently good contender this episode.  His homework assignment was tied for second with Lindsay's, his studio vocals were, again, pretty much tied for second, his acting matched his song selection, and for once, he actually seemed like he was putting some effort into it.  If I had to rate him against everyone for the whole season, would he be this high? Definitely not.  But for this episode, kid did good, and I'm giving him the credit he deserves.

One last thing, a ton of you guys have been asking me who I think is going home tonight, and I'm pretty sure it's either going to be Damian or Samuel.  Damian because...Damian is kind of the obvious choice, having been in the bottom the most, and Samuel...because he sort of deserved to this episode, and they're setting him up for something.


  1. I am scared that you're right about Damian!
    *shivering in fangirl boots*

  2. Hasn't Alex been in the bottom more than Damian? I'm expecting Alex to go instead of him. Lindsay, Samuel, and Damian are the finalists I've been expecting for a while. It's time for Alex to be eliminated.
    I'm nervous though! *Damo fan*

  3. Tonight's eliminated contestant is definitely not Samuel or Lindsey as they are part of the live chat tonight pre-show. The eliminated contestant chats post-show. It's never been the same person pre & post show. Its either Damian or Alex this week. As awesome Alex was last week, I hope he's the chopped contestant today.
    & I agree with your rankings 100% for once! lol I'm definitely Team Samuel so I'm super grateful we didn't have a Marissa repeat but he definitely was the worst when looking at the episode as a whole. I'm still super bummed Hannah left. I really hope they bring her on for the following season anyway.

  4. *WHO would you have put here

    Sorry for being an ass, but who, not whom, in that case

    And YAY Damian's in final! More than ever I want him to win this since the fan favorite was UNJUSTLY TAKEN FROM HIM, THANKS A LOT TEAM CAMERON. ><

    Cheaters, cheaters, pumpkin eaters, DAMN YOU ALL.