Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aretha Jr. Survives AGAIN

I'm in an odd sort of situation with Alex.

On the one hand, kid seems like a fun shopping buddy, and someone I might actually like to know in real life.

On the other hand, he's the only person left who has no chance of winning this thing.  He just isn't growing in the way that the others are.  The one thing that's been getting him by is that remarkable voice, and even that is starting to get a little overplayed.  On top of that, he's been in the bottom way too many times for the mentors to be able to over look it.  Alex's is time is essentially almost up.

Which has nothing to do with the above screenshot.  I just wanted to use it.

That said, I really liked what he did in the homework challenge this week--actually, I liked everything he did this week--it was a much more playful kind of sexuality.  The kind that you have when you're in a happy relationship, as opposed to the alluring, grinding on the dance floor kind of thing Samuel, Cameron, and Lindsay went for.  I mean, that conveys sexuality too, but this one is more open-minded and less awkward to watch.

 "I really am a sucker for guys with a higher range."
"Oh, Mark."

...Speaking of awkward to watch.

"I don't want to step over that 'straight line'."

This I am of two minds on.  On the one hand, I think Alex handled Samuel's discomfort with the idea of portraying a gay guy very maturely.  He was very level-headed, very respectful of Samuel's limitations--the kind of thing that gay guys all claim they want of straight people.  On the other hand:

I'm not entirely sure that Samuel was uncomfortable with it.  He definitely was vocal about his mother potentially being upset, and he addressed the fact that he, you know, wasn't gay, but I'm not sure that all of that adds up to 'uncomfortable'.

 "That didn't work."

His recording this week was absolutely horrendous.  I go back to my early supposition that Alex has never had training: this studio session corroborates that.  Seriously, if Nikki is clutching her nose to stop the reverberation, moaning in agony while you're singing, there is a serious problem with your approach.

But strangely enough, he was one of my favorites in the video.  Well, tied for third, anyways.  I just thought he was cute and spunky and totally full of life--that's how sexuality is to me.  Apparently when the mentors on this show think 'sexuality' they think 'porn'.  How else to explain why they hated his energy so much?

So Alex lands himself in the not-top-3 again, and he seems almost catatonic at this point.  Honestly, I don't know if I necessarily agree with it, given the episode.  His acting was good in the homework, and in the video--his only really flub was the recording studio bit, but then Hannah was was in the same boat in that case.  You guys tell me--would you have put him there?

This was the only part of the episode where I just absolutely hated him.  It was almost like he was begging them to not-call him back.  It was erratic, it was poorly sung, it was lazy as hell--probably the worst last chance performance since Matheus started stripping onstage.

To conclude, I give you this ridiculous comment from Asshat McBurberry.

 "I'd like to see you do something other than this diva stuff."


  1. Alex definitely belonged in the bottom 3. He was horrible in the studio! Even though I think he shined in the homework assignment, he & Samuel had no chemistry & I don't think it had anything to do with Sam being "uncomfortable" or having a "straight line". I think Alex was the one uncomfortable and that's why his video performance was so over the top. Do I think in a different scenario his depiction of sexy would have flown? Yes, but not when your partner is playing it 10x more low key. They just didn't seem to sync well. I dunno, call me #TeamSamuel, but I felt like Alex was much more interested in screen time than Samuel & Samuel almost had to fight to get in the frame. I think Alex is biding his time because he knows it's probably coming sooner rather than later. At this point in the game, I'll be super shocked if Samuel, Hannah, or Lindsey do not win this thing.

  2. I thought he should be in the bottom 3 for the reason you listed above: he's just not growing as a performer. Also, had to laugh at the "You pick the songs asshole" comment because me and my friends said the same thing. Those songs are set up to only give him the diva thing.

  3. I feel like Alex is only there for Asshat's personal agenda, not because he can sing, or act or anything but because he just loves seeing him and well we need more gays in Glee (like four isn't enough). I think he should have been eliminated I think during the Dance-ability.