Friday, July 22, 2011

Those Two Scintillating Singers

You know how you get when you haven't gotten any in a few days?

"Damian is very cute, but I need to stay focused."

"I'm pretty ready to make out with Matheus."

 "I might rip your clothing off."

Yeah, these two were definitely feeling it this episode.  Not that I can blame them--hell, I'm not even in a room with Damian and I can't help but undress him with my eyes every couple of scenes.

"Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay."

Although this one started getting maybe a little too open about his, er, pent up frustration.  Somebody is going to have to learn how to more effectively use his shower time.  Word to the wise: avoid using conditioner.  Trust me.

I thought they both did okay in the homework assignment.  The thing about Hannah and Alex, I started noticing in this episode, is that they complement each other perfectly: they have in abundance what the other lacks.  For example: this homework, Hannah was too subtle, and Alex was too obvious.

"Alex is amazing--I see him as one of the top contenders."

And Hannah just gets sweeter and sweeter every week.  It was really touching to see them so excited to get to work with each other, especially on Hannah's part.

"Make it work, honey, make it work."

And the more she talks like Tim Gunn, the more my love for her grows.

Another instance of these two complementing each other: these two totally hit a perfect balance in their video.  Alex was a little too lazy for Velma, and Hannah may have been a little to perky to be Roxie, but throw the two together, and they totally work.  Hannah definitely gave better face in this video, however--her singing style also settled better with the song choice.

They just look so happy together!  Seriously, throughout the video, it was almost like they were setting up cues for each other to get into--a close second to Marissa and Samuel, in my opinion.

Hannah: "I'm not worried about you."
Alex: "It's my second week in a row being here!"

It was weird that Hannah thought she was going to be in more trouble over Alex; after all, he was dead on in his comeback.  Maybe Hannah really does have issues with her self confidence? And if she does have those issues, she shouldn't.

Because she may very well be the only reason why Alex stayed over Matheus.  I'll walk you through my thinking:

Alex started going off on this diva-esque, Dreamgirls performance.  HELLO.  You're singing Valerie.  It's about the least diva song I can think of right now.  It's a flippant ode to a crack addicted party girl and you're singing it the same way you sang Whitney.  Girl, in the wise words of your namesake, you better THINK.

Or at least just have Hannah do all your thinking for you.  It seemed like she was casting some more of those aforementioned cues at him with her little hip pops and raised eyebrows.

I mean, just look at her expression in that second screen shot--how do you not burst out smiling and giggling with glee at the sight of her?!

And thank God she did--once Alex seemed to catch her jive, he forgot all of the tension he had building (probably from being in the bottom a second week in a row) he performed at least eighty times better.
"I can go throw something together real quick, boo."

And because of that, he was able to deliver the sass straight back to Ryan's ridiculous 'why didn't you come out as Amy Winehouse?' quip.  I don't know, Asshat, maybe the same reason Hannah didn't.

While mostly everyone else, excluding Marissa, seems to finally be cracking under the pressure, Hannah is not only resisting, not only thriving, but becoming a vortex of positivity, and transforming herself into something I really didn't expect.  She's now an actual contender in this game.

Either way, Ryan definitely got one thing right about her: she is pure joy.

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