Sunday, July 10, 2011

Third Episode Rankings

So I know the new episode has concluded on the East Coast, but for anyone who cares, here are my new rankings:

10)  Emily
Looking at the episode objectively, it did really make sense for Emily to go home--she just didn't really tap into what the episode was about, and didn't act the part.  And while she sure as hell sang it well, that performance of Bruno Mars backed up what the judges decided about her.  More than anything, she just didn't get how to play the game.

9)  Matheus

I mean, technically he's moved up, but the only reason Matheus ISN'T in the bottom for me is because whatever he's doing, it's working.  Work it, Munchkin.

8)  Cameron

I am still pretty sure Golden Boy has got the best shot at winning this thing, but this episode just was not a good one for him--he would have been my pick to go home.

7)  Samuel

I can forgive a lot of things in reality show contestants, but disappearing is not one of them.  Samuel, you're ENTIRE job on that show is to be talented and get screen time.  The talent you definitely have, but come on, there has to be more to your personality than one sob story after another.  You have dreads for christssake.

6)  McKynleigh

See above, except more innate talent, and fewer dreads.

5)  Damian

Damian moved way the hell up here because he finally shook off the jitters and just let himself be vulnerable, and relateable, and he sung the HELL out of that Elvis song.  On top of all of that, he's cute as a button--well done Irish Spring.

4)  Hannah

Also working her way up the list on almost the sheer force of personality.  This girl is a hoot, and she is grounded and game to boot.  Hey, that rhymed.  Hannah is definitely someone I would like to see go far in this competition.

3)  Lindsay

The only thing keeping Lindsay from the top of my list this week is her inability to overcome her vulnerability: there was still a disconnect.  As soon as I see Lindsay completely break through that shell she seemed to crack this episode, and really just let her emotions dominate her for a performance, she'd probably top this list.

2)  Alex

I thought Aretha Jr. here did a fantastic job this episode.  Really, I have no complaints.

1)  Marissa

Marrisa just did better.  I don't know that I have ever seen such a masterfully consistent performance all throughout an episode of a talent-based reality TV program.  Her homework performance was flawless and touching, as was her video performance.  Beautifully done, Marissa.

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