Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tenacity Means To Be Tenacious

First Marissa with her booty popping, then Hannah with her pairability crush, and now THIS:


Anyways, let's talk about my darling Lindsay for a second.

Who apparently thought their song was 'Whip My Hair'.

"Tenacity means to be tenacious; it means to be 'grrr'."

There's not much to say here.  Lindsay did Lindsay: she looked fierce, belted Max's face off, and then sat back down.  It's just her thing, and she wasn't the only one who resorted to what they knew would work.  Her interpretation of 'tenacity' just happens to resonate more with me than say Cameron's does.

Also, after that definition of 'tenacity', I was going to give her a pass with whatever she ended up doing challenge-wise--that line was just gold.

"We need to be slushied and it needs to happen soon."

I believe that this girl wanted to be slushied just as much as she wanted Alex to set fire to her hair, but she certainly made it believable enough for the producers, who just sort of passed her by this week.  Smart girl--got as little slushy screen time as possible.*

*total conjecture

Or not.  Knowing how much Lindsay cares about her hair, they must have held a lighter under her contract all during this vignette to get her to go through with it.

It was ridiculously hard to get screenshots of Lindsay for this music video, because she and Damian were barely in it.  She just always seems to get that one huge note, and then she either looks fierce or adorable, depending on the mood of the video.  In this particular one, she happened to just have the perfect demeanor for what was going on.  I thought her performance was easily top two.


Sweet mother of Jesus, that boy is like sex on a stick wrapped in hot with do-me sauce.

But seriously, I thought he was mega cute in his homework assignment thinger.  Sure, the American accent thing is...weird, but this time it kinda worked for him; the bluesy growl that it gives him is much better than that sleepy Celtic Thunder croon he defaults to otherwise.

"The only person who I haven't seen do it once is Alex--he's got a bit of a lazy attitude to him."

See, he can be a judgmental bitch too!  TOTALLY ON MY TEAM.  I need him to be--do you SEE how cute he is up there? Do you?!

One of my favorite parts of this episode, however, was watching Damian attempt to get through the filming of the music video.  A, it was hot, B, it was HI-LAR-I-OUS.  Just all of the barely concealed ducking mixed with the un-controllable rage spasms made my heart all tingly.

At this point, I feel like I'm just trying to fill space.  Damian did fairly well in the video--good presence, good acting, good singing: exactly what was required of him for the small role he played.

Fine, whatever, go make babies--you look freaking adorable together anyways.


  1. love the pic of lindsay and damian at the end. I also think she did really well especially with the smile at the end! can't wait for this week's episode!

  2. mmmm I still don't know about it... don't know if it is because I freaking love him but I don't like this couple neither the one he makes with marissa.... hahaa" go make babies" hahaa

  3. I love your screenshots of fierce Lindsay... and I thought Damian was being too over-the-top again with his furious full-body twitching BUT OMG LOOK AT 0:11 HE'S HALF NAKED!!! And so tan... and definitely screams "sex on a stick wrapped in hot with do-me sauce." Oh yes.

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