Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smells Like Tenacity

So yeah.

Someone just keeps getting more and more impressive, doesn't he?  Also, I know the dreads are kind of his thing, but something tells me Sam here would be Armani model material with a shorter 'do.

But back to his performance this week.

If anyone had a right to be mega pissed that Marissa won, it was Sam--that performance was inspired.  If I had to choose...I'd probably still go with Marissa, but I'd almost be just the right mixture of impressed and terrified to give Sam the go ahead.  I mean, just look at Damian cautiously backing away in that last shot.

"I've never wanted to win a challenge as much as this one,
because I feel like it pertains to me so much."

And he didn't even break character during the judging process: that's like the straight guy equivalent of bitchface.  Let's call it 'snarl'.

It was kind of sad to see him so disappointed that he didn't come out on top in the homework challenge--he really was the first one to get up out of his seat and interact (in a TOTALLY bad-ass, tenacious way) with the props they had at their disposal.  Although now the cast is totally going to start violently destroying the set after this.  I can see Lindsay breaking a chair over Robert's head, or Damian just backhanding (SPOILER!!!) Jenna Ushkowitz.

 "I'm noticing I am struggling a little bit, and I think it's all in my head."

It's fun comparing Sam's reaction to losing this challenge that he thought he had in the bag, as opposed to Alex's reaction to losing the dance challenge.  Sam is very clearly a very smart kid, and thinks before he speaks.  He gives the confession booth some lip, but it's really admirable that he can keep it strictly professional when it comes to his cast and crew interactions.

Also, is anyone else getting a little hot and bothered by that photo right there?  Boy is HOT.

"The cold shocks you into adrenaline and you just want to push through it."

Survivor: The Glee Project Edition.

It says a lot to me about the quality of this music video when the stills from the 'making of' portion of the episode are significantly more dynamic and energetic than those in the actual video itself.

"That does hurt your eyes!"

The number of slushies Samuel took was probably second only to Marissa (they really wimped out with the rest of the cast--some of that stuff even looked melted) and he came through like a champ.  Boy even seemed to like the freezing pain and abuse.  Sexy.

Although Samuel really was pretty epic in that video.  I really only preferred one other person's performance, but that was more because of how cute and earnest it was.  Sam was the clear center of it.  He was pure energy, and truly captured the essence of tenacity--fervent persistence.

Nice work, homeless sexy rebel.


  1. Dang that boy is frekin sexy!!! still with the dreads dude! when I first saw him was like---let's get his hair cut off and then he'll look so much more sexy :9 whattaheck about the backhanding thing? even had to look for the meaning of that hahaha Gosh so if he did that he continues in TGP at least until episode 8 which is the one in which Jenna appears... how do you know that?!

  2. Don't know if you noticed in his live chat on Oxygen Live on Sunday, but when he was asked what he'd be doing if he wasn't a singer, Samuel responded that he'd either be an actor, a hobo, or a model. I think you'd agree that he has a healthy amount of self-awareness. ;)

  3. I have to agree. I wan that boy in an armani cover, FOR GODSAKE. With or without dreads the guy is a SEX RIOT.
    Anyway, yeah, he keeps becoming more outstanding by every week.
    Now that Marissa is sadly gone, i believe the guy is winning material. We'll have to wait and see...

  4. Why aren't you posting as much anymore? :(