Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sixth Episode Rankings

So these were interesting this week.  I may start having you guys do a vote for Gleek Project Favorite of the week--my opinions are kind of boring.

Anyways, let's rank these kids getting slushied.

7) Alex

Initially, I had Alex at six this week, until I thought of one thing: he isn't trying AT ALL.  His homework, video, attitude, and Effie White moment were all totally half assed; kid is completely relying on his voice and persona to get him by in this competition.  I still would have sent Cameron packing instead, but Alex was definitely a weaker link this week--YOU DO NOT HALF ASS EFFIE WHITE, KID.

6) Cameron

Do we even need to discuss why he should have gone home this week?  I mean, he was the only one to force a cut, he could barely manage lip-synching, and his bottom three performance was easily the least impressive.  Not to mention the past four of five weeks he's been in the bottom, AND he was the only person in the bottom 3 who had not won a homework challenge...the list goes on.  He just totally sucked this week after several other lackluster weeks. 

5) Damian

I originally put Damian pretty high on this list, too, but then I realized that he really didn't do much this episode.  What he did, he did fairly well, but there weren't any stand out moments.  Damian was just cute the whole time.  I probably wouldn't have put him in the bottom three, but...I can't put him higher with such an...un-tenacious performance.

4) Hannah

Hannah for me just did okay this week--I really admire her efforts and attitude, and her video performance was still pretty awesome, but there was no doubt that she definitely faltered compared to the last few episodes.

3) Marissa

She was tied with Hannah for me until I realized just how much more work Marissa had to do for this epsiode.  Again, not her best week, but significantly better than she was given credit for.  Would not have been in the bottom for me.

2) Lindsay

SO CLOSE.  Honestly, had they give her a little more to do in the video, as well as vocally, she would have probably snatched the number one spot this week--I mean, HOW CUTE WAS SHE IN THAT VIDEO? Although I'm not completely certain in that hypothetical victory--her homework performance was fairly weak.

1) Samuel

Sammy here just kicked EVERYONE'S asses this week.  His homework totally tied Marissa's, and his video performances cruched everyone elses--this boy is really becoming the one to beat.  Although, I said that about Marissa last week, so what do I know?

1 comment:

  1. I want Cameron and Alex GONE, but like RIGHT NOW.
    The other foour, i dont matter who of them wins, they all deserve it.
    But noone can argue that Samuel has become the main threat...
    but anyway "Although, I said that about Marissa last week, so what do I know?" i hope that doesnt mean Samuel will leave this week or i'll cut myself. And you.