Saturday, July 16, 2011

MC Hannah

 "Sometimes people call me 'MC Hannah."

I mean, that nickname is just too perfect.

I don't necessarily even want to do a post critiquing Hannah today.  Not because I, you know, have a day and a half to cover half the cast, but rather because I thought they--yet again--treated her like shit for absolutely no objectively discernible reason.

 "So why can they do it?"

"I don't know, coz they're like, ninjas!"

She was obviously working hard, and instead of getting frustrated, she cracked some jokes with Zach.  It's not like she was complaining.

Although she did massively suck in the homework assignment, as has become sort of Hannah's thing.

Sort of like how KICKING MAJOR ASS in the video has, too.  I honestly hope for their sake that putting her in a position that looked like she was near the bottom was really just an opportunity to praise her.  Because otherwise, putting her there was bullshit.

She seemed to concur.

Anyways, Hannah rules, birds fly, and grass is green.  Now for what you really came for:

"I'm screwedddddd!"

Hilarious quotes and facial expressions by Hannah.

"You won't just be dancing."

"Oh no! He's a good dancer--this is bad!"

"Why wouldn't you wanna win?"

"Pump a little bit and let them know it's going on."

"Does that go for all of us?  Just forget about our feet?"

"No--you don't look down"


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  1. your posts are always really funny haha
    yeah, Hannah really rocked it this episode. I would risk to say she was my favorite it, in it. If she ever have the opportunity to win this, she soulda be a rapper.