Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Go Home Already

You guys, this week has been a hellish endeavor for about a million reasons, and I just haven't had the time to write these posts.  I'll be posting more regularly for the remaining episodes, now that I've gotten a few personal things out of the way, but I really just have to throw in the towel on these two this week.  I'm just going to jot down some quick thoughts.

Cameron: While he was okay in the homework assignment, he was also completely predictable throughout the whole episode.  He's fallen into whatever character he chose to be for the theatricality challenge, and he can't get out.  His performance in the video was awful, his attitude is very defeatist...I just can't understand why he stayed.  Sure, his original song was cute and well written, but he's just not an actor.  If he can turn it around majorly this week, I still have some space in my heart for him, but after that, I give up.

Alex: UGH, no. I have zero patience left.  He's a kid.  He doesn't seem to put any effort into anything and if he doesn't need to, whatever--by this point, he should have realized that they are ALWAYS WATCHING, and that his effort is pretty much 60% of the factors that decide whether he stays or goes.  He doesn't put in the effort time after time, and it's passed time for him to take a hike.  He's a very vocally capable singer, but there are plenty of capable singers, and 95% of them are also ready to kick their own asses to be as amazing as possible.  And that Effie performance was LAZY.

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  1. I agree. I dont know why Cameron is still here, i can understand (not really) that Ryan may have been touched by Alex cross dressing, but the "golden boy" (who isnt one anymore) suuuuckeeeeeed so bad.
    If one of them dont leave today's episode, im going to kill someone. Or stop watching this show.
    Its frustrating.