Sunday, July 31, 2011

From MC Hannah to Hanilla Ice

Okay, seriously.  Whoever chooses these songs has terrible taste in rap.  And apparently never left the eighties.

Although apparently neither has Hannah's taste in eyewear.  Hey, whatever works.

"I have all this confidence I didn't have before."

Oh her opening lines in this episode, how they wounded me.  On the one hand, I was so happy to hear her really recognizing how much she had grown in this competition, and just how much of a threat she was in it after last episode.  But on the other, I just knew that she was most likely going to have said confidence crushed in the upcoming challenges.  After her sexy little performance in the homework, however, I had high hopes that I'd be eating those hypothetical words.

 "The my..."

And then this happened.  Had I been on this show, as soon as they told me I had to do choreography, I would have politely declined and changed career paths.  Far be it from me to make excuses for her, but this did seem a little unfair.  Hannah is heavier, so a move wherein she had to push herself up off the floor was going to be harder for her.  But again, girl just did not give up.

Until they went after something that she actually was confident about.  That was just...a shockingly expedient debacle.  Although Nikki psyching her up and being a bitch about it didn't help much.

 "Hey douchey looking assistant guy, watch this."
 "Hey Hannah, if you don't get this in one take, I'm gonna emasculate Damian."
 *self-esteem melting*
"I crack myself up."

I mean, seriously now bottle-blonde.  Stop doing everything the producers ask of you just because they call you pretty first.

"Fat kids don't do floor work!"

This is when I knew she was going to be okay.  Granted, it was a complete bastardization of something Alex had just said to her, but girl took it, stepped up on that soap box, flipped off the producers, and told it like it is.

"It might not be pretty, but I'm gonna get through it."

And then nailed it.  Again.  Seriously.   Hannah just cannot do any wrong once that camera is pointed in her direction. She was made for a show like Glee.  Or any show really--if Asshat McHorriddecisions (it's Scandinavian) doesn't pick her up, someone out there has to have seen how friggin' awesome this girl is.  Check out that second shot--how many people do you know who can make a slushy spill look fierce and divatastic?

I know I also keep throwing in Hannah quotes for these photo that aren't particularly funny, but I just love them--they show exactly the type off attitude more people should have about EVERYTHING.

Oh, and that choreography?

So awful that not only was it massively cut from the video, but the parts that were used, had to be played backwards to make any kind of sense at all.  Hannah was right to be all 'what-EVER' about it.

It feels redundant to say so, but Hannah really did a fantastic job in her portion of the video.  Glamorous slushy vixen?  Yes please.

I could definitely see how Hannah could have ended up in the bottom three, but she should have been up against Marissa for that--Cameron and Alex were complete shoe-ins for this one.  As it was, they just seemed to want to make Hannah cry.  Assholes.

But no, Hannah lives another week, and I have just one more reason to watch this show, other than Lindsay and the possibility of Damian taking his shirt off at some point.

"I just started eating it."

You tell them, girl.


  1. yeah i didn't think it was cool either how Nikki psyched her up. but hannah always comes thru and that is what i absolutely love about her :)

  2. I always want to punc Nikki in the face.
    Hannah, impressive as always. The girl just owns the camera, and rap her ass off in every challenge. You go girl! TEAM HANNAH

  3. Hannah was amazing! The energy she had, and how she kept going was amazing. Oh and I think the choreography was meant to be backwards, thats why it was weird when they were practicing, so it looked normal when it was backwards (not that it did..) does that make sense?