Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fifth Episode Rankings

You know what to expect by now.  And if you don't, the word 'ranking' is pretty self explanatory, no?

8) Matheus

Listen, I'm not going to add any more insult to injury.  The kid was out of his league.

7) Cameron

Golden Boy no more.  I'm starting to think that Cameron is 'shockingly good' in that he's just so much better and different than you'd expect, but as time goes on, he just gets less and less impressive.  I'm actually coming around to seeing what Ryan means when he says he just doesn't get it.  Cameron needs to try harder, and whine

6) Alex

I feel like I've flipped these lists upside down since the beginning of this show!  Alex here is seriously on a steady decline.  All of that exuberance from the first couple of episodes, it seems, was just excitement and false confidence--one brick out of this boy's self esteem, and the wall collapses.  He can still sing his ass off, and he still has more spark than Cameron, but that's about the extent of it.

5) Lindsay

It's odd putting Lindsay in the lower half of this entry, but to me, it makes sense: Lindsay is just too polished and solid as her own person to complement, or be complemented by, another person.  But that doesn't worry me, because this is a very similar characteristic of someone else who's done great on Glee: Lea Michele.  She, like Lindsay, doesn't have the easy time being vulnerable--or un-confident, for that matter--and it's just hard to match that kind of personality.  This show doesn't have a Kurt or a Jesse, both of whom could really make her shine as an actress.  Plus, for my money, Lindsay's a better singer than Lea anyways.

4) Damian

Like I said, UPSIDE DOWN.  Damian is the opposite of Lindsay: he is easily complemented, and understands how to complement another person.  His work with Matheus may have seemed a little dated, but hot damn if he didn't know EXACTLY how to share a screen in order to make himself pop.

3) Samuel

Looking objectively at this episode, Samuel definitely deserves to be up here, if not higher.  Why am I telling you this?  Because he just...doesn't really do it for me.  But because I believe in being fair, I decided to give him a bit of a break, and what he deserves.  Also, he and Marissa are the only two who have yet to land themselves a last chance performance.  Interesting, no?

2) Hannah

So it seems Marissa and Hannah are just going to trade off between first place from now on--everybody cool with that?  Hannah is up this high because she just made me smile all episode long.  From her gushing over Damian (he's mine, bitch), to her deliciously camp performance in 'Nowadays', and then her amazing, energetic take on 'Valerie' Hannah has definitely earned a few fan favorite votes from me.  That, and a hug.

1) Marissa

Who else could have taken on this girl this week?  We finally get to see some personality, she wins both challenges, AND she kicked major ass in her video, showing the finest performance of the season.  Marissa has finally become a true contender to me, and better than that, the front runner to take this thing.


  1. so me being a stupid shit that i am by looking a wikipedia to see who got out today (i don't have oxygen)

    and i just ruined the worst thing ever!

    Prepare to hate this show forever!!!

  2. i completely agree with you on this ranking! hannah did such a great job, i love her! honestly, though, Marissa and Samuel's video was not originally my favorite (Damian and Matheus' was) it grew on me the more i viewed it. I thought Damian did a GREAT job and definitely brought Matheus up. glad to see he didn't let Matheus bring him down.

    and it's really entertaining reading your blogs! thanks for posting!

  3. I was really pissed off when Lindsay decided to kiss Cameron just because Marissa kissed Sam. but on the other hand, I loved Marissa saying "Our kiss isn't special anymore" it sounded so cute lol

  4. Lindsay was told to kiss Cameron just like Marissa was told to kiss Sam, it was just edited to make her look bad, Lindsay is definitely not my favorite on TGP but she catches so much more shit than she deserves because of how Oxygen edits the episodes