Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't You Want Marissa? (I Do.)

Remember how I said Marissa was friggin' awesome?

Yeah, that's a 'suck it' face if I've ever seen one.

"That's right, Darren Criss wants to do me.  You know, the guy taking it from Kurt."

Seriously though.  Girl did pretty amazing--while everyone else looked like they were suffering from food poisoning or getting over the loss of a beloved pet, Marissa kept in mind the real meaning of this song:

Revenge fucking your drunken ex.

Honestly, I'll be making fun of Cameron later for the same reason that Ryan Murphy did, but can you blame him?  I don't care how pretty or understanding his girlfriend is, Marissa and Lindsay are hot.  I'd be freaking out too if I had to be that close to one of them, if you catch my vulgarly obvious implication.

And then after winning the homework with Cameron, she made like a true ex, and went for the hotter, less stable looking guy to ruin Golden Boy's confidence.

"I do notice that Damian and Matheus are struggling."

You've got to love the look of glee (pun intended) on her face looking down upon their misery, knowing that one of them was totally going to feel the cold shame of Ryan Murphy's casting couch.  Maybe they'll see Cory Monteith there.

Speaking of creepy Glee people:

"Just let the song consume you."

"Haha, you're gonna kill us, aren't you?"

Helpfully terrifying.

"You want me to surprise him?"

Repulsively manipulative.  Although, I gotta say--the tension must have worked for her.

Because this was the single best vocal and acting performance of the season.  Seriously.  I haven't tried to hide the fact that I find Marissa to be the most well rounded contestant, but this week she just put everyone else to shame, which is saying something, because this was pretty much everyone's best week yet.

And it was great to see them single her out again for praise.  You could tell that she was really relieved to finally get some recognition, given that she is such strong competitor.  One more thing before I hit my compliment quota for the day:

Way to endorse those hair products, girl.  Seriously, my friend and I both decided you look like a Dior ad.



  1. "Haha, you're gonna kill us, aren't you?"

    lold at this.

    great writing as always, very entertaining. Tho, ive got to say, you are at your best when hammering on whoever it is that caught your ire for the week. But when its a Marissa post... well...

    Oh who am I kidding, who does NOT love that girl?

    Keep em coming, Lindsay'll be bound to be an intrsting read.

  2. why is she so good when everyone else sucks so bad?
    If she doesnt win this, or at least be a finalist, this programm is bullshit.
    She sings, she dances, and she acts. For not saying that she is amazingly gorgeous and her hair rocks.

  3. She really is one of a kind. Screw Ryan Murphy for sending her home.

  4. I LOVED Dont you want me, they both did amazing! They need to do the whole song...