Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boys Boys Boys (With Hairspray And Denim)

First person to ID that quote...gets...bragging rights.

*Alright, we're gonna have to speed through this again.  I've been working the kinks out of blogger for the past FIVE HOURS, and I finally, barely got it working.   The internet has really been conspiring against me this week, eh?

First up, Golden Boy:

"The move I'm doing this week has a special name.  It's called the 'don't look like an idiot.' "

I really never liked Cameron on a personal level until this episode.  I always thought he was definitely one of the more, if not the most, talented kids there, but this week, you definitely saw him become more of a person and less of a competitor.  Interesting that last week he got put in the bottom for not being vulnerable enough, and this week, his vulnerability was what almost landed him in the bottom again.

Mission accomplished though--that move was cute and creative and dynamic--a regular Martha Graham, if you asked me.

Or, you know, a member from Thunder Down Under.  Seriously, what about the word 'dance' made these boys think 'stripper pole'?

And although I've noted that Cameron did a lot better in the video than they seemed to give him credit for, he certainly didn't do much in the way of proving that white boys can dance.  But then again, something tells me that being lanky and six and a half feet tall doesn't exactly translate into 'coordinated' as well as he needed it to be.

Although he still looked pretty friggin' cute in his eighties drag, no?

And now we move on to the next segment of our program:

Samuel's season long homage to Michael Jackson's dance moves and Bob Marley's hair.

"Alex is arrogant--like he needed to dumb his part down in order for me to win." 

He was clearly hurt by Alex's reaction to his win, however...
"Whatever.  At the end of the day I got this fair and square."

He took the high road and got the hell over it, while Alex just bitched and whined and completely gave up on the challenge and found himself in the bottom three.  Way to go, Dreads.

And while I personally found both his rip-off of Hannah's catch phrase, and his choreographed part disappointing, there's no denying his own choreography was pretty phenomenal.  Even if it was basically just an updated version of MJs moves.  I mean, all Zach did for the rest of the choreography was update MC Hammer's original steps.

And now, my boo:

I'm pretty sure being that cute is illegal in this country.  Seriously.

I thought Damian pulled off this episode pretty freaking well, all things considered.

Although he did epically suck in the homework.  (Still adorable in that second shot!)

And even though he may not have been that impressive in the video, he did well enough that he looked at least as good as everyone else, which was, I'm sure, the challenge here.

And as Cameron sort of...flails in his front runner position, Damian is steadily gaining.  Ryan Murphy has said that, should a guy win this thing, he would most likely become a love interest for Mercedes.  Since Damian here would also only get about seven episodes, wouldn't it be a perfect story line if he was a exchange student from Ireland?  The mind wanders...

"The rest of us are committing sins in our heads."



  1. LMFAO! "SHUT UP YOU ARE MINE." LIKE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! Think you actually are a better blogger than PErez Hilton already! keep it up blondie!

  2. Matheus is the grossest person on TV. For realz. Why does he think that "dancing" just means "rubbing the side of the face all slowly"?

    Also: Seeing that I am over 30, I do feel like a bit of a pedophile to admit this, but I am with you on the Damian love.

  3. Ok, you can claim the sweet irish boy yours. But Golden Boy and Dreads are mineeeee

    The only one i wanted to punch in this episode was Alex.

  4. This is my favorite comment stream EVER.