Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So I wasn't anywhere near cable or internet this weekend, so when I first heard the news of Matheus' departure, my first instinct was to tweet "SWEET JESUS FINALLY."

And then of course I went and watched the episode.

Now, I don't like to think of myself as a reactive person who changes his mind once presented with a situation in a subjective manner, but it was very, very hard for me after watching Matheus' little breakdown.  Although, compared to the shit Lindsay had to go through this episode it's hard to even see it as hard.

No, it was definitely time for Matheus to get the Avril treatment.  Unfortunately, it seemed like he knew it too, and he stressed himself out all episode long getting there.  But for old time's sake, let's just run through his spiral downward just one more time.

I actually thought he did fairly well in the homework assignment.  It was definitely the best instance of him singing on the show period.  He's really gotta learn to control his voice--once he does, he sounds a lot better.

"Who can help this pretty face?"

Plus, he dealt with Alex being in heat better than I would have expected him to.  The only less comfortable scene in this show was the one where Matheus was ripping his clothes off, instead of this one where it was all he could do to keep them on.

"Stop, please, stop stoppppppppp."

Sign one that Matheus was definitely going home: Nikki literally singing, begging for him to stop. If the person in the vocal booth literally is begging for you to stop, vibrato, you may need to re-evaluate how you're singing something.

And to his credit, he definitely mostly seemed to do so.

Anyways, here's how most of the rest of the episode played out, in my head:
 Matheus: "Ryan is telling me to be more confident."
Marissa: "Confident, not cocky, Mathe..."

"Hey Alex, let's have a screeching competition to prove I can sing!"

"Girl, you be trippin'."

"If I think things through too much, that's when I get screwed up."

Matheus: "I wanna be on this side, actually."
Damian: "Girl, you be trippin'."

 "You were mean to me!"

"Girl, you be TRIPPIN'."

I'll go over this confusing performance more when I do Damian's post, but needless to say, Damian definitely deserved his call back over Matheus' shrieking, redundant exhibition.

Matheus, again, seemed to know he was headed home this week, and it read all over his face every time the camera landed on him, whether it be a nauseated realization (top), a heated reaction (middle), or a final dignified acceptance.  Matheus here was definitely a little more respectable than I figured he'd be going into this.  I might have underestimated him a little.

I mean, if this happened to me to twice in one episode, somebody would be losing a testicle.  Like maybe the guy who maybe got me to strip onstage for a national cable show.

Just a suggestion.

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  1. Hey boo you should talk about Damian steping up for Matheus! I read that and I wanna know more about it since I will not see the episode until it airs in my country, which is airing I believe in 15 days haha nice blog blondieee