Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bitchy Boys

I feel so bad sometimes that I just whip out entries for the boys at the last minute.  But they...just aren't interesting.  Not like the girls, anyways.

Speaking of boys, way to go Darren Criss!  After his first episode appearance when he showed up to the set after a three day bender and having not showered, the show gave him a chance to redeem himself and he looked SO CUTE.

 "I am a Christian; I have a girlfriend."

Did someone keep track of how many times Cameron said this during the episode? I lost count around four hundred.

A lot of these kids have this weird issue where they perform everything the same way.  Sam gets all moody, Hannah tends to thrust, Lindsay turns into Evita Peron...Cameron spazzes.

"Marissa dumped me like a sack of potatoes and moved on to the new hunk with the dreadlocks."

I...can we just move on?  Continuity? Anyone? Bueller?

Watching it, AGAIN, I realized that Cameron didn't necessarily do poorly in the video--he sang very well, inflected very well, he was dynamic in the choreography and did everything technically right...

He was just completely expressionless the whole time.  Cameron's major downfall in this competition is that he isn't a very good actor.  If you asked me, Cameron probably doesn't care about acting at all--it falls by the wayside for him.  From his youtube videos, you can tell that he loves to sing, play guitar, and write songs.  Being on a TV show just isn't what he's passionate about.

And the fact that his kiss with Lindsay was so uncomfortable that they had to cut away to a snow globe is very telling of that.  Pretty snow globe though.

But boy, can he sing.  He couldn't quite keep up with Lindsay, but then again, find me someone on this show who would be better suited to belting Tina Turner.  I'm pretty sure that's a physical impossibility in and of itself.

A much better reaction to a kiss, Cameron.  And utterly adorable.  Ryan Murphy saying Lindsay did all the work was just insulting--Cameron was sweating like a pig.

"I have to convince people that I'm in love with this person; I'd do 
anything to stay in this competition."

Whoa there Korn wannabe.  To be honest, this was probably another editors trick, but he did have some pretty...if not nasty or hurtful, then definitely just observationally negative things to say regarding working with Lindsay.

He did okay for this assignment, in my opinion.  His performance style just isn't one that I respond too.  Moody guys piss me off.

Luckily, Sam is actually the sweetest little puppy dog ever.  How cute was the way he said "yes I would."?

I mean...was he stellar in the video? Not really.  He was good enough to serve as a secondary to Marissa, but she really carried the performance.  He just kind of reacted to her.  Still, he did a good job of it.

"It was like a cherry on top of everything we had to do."

And he did a GREAT job of this.  THAT is how you react to a kiss, Cameron--you get into it so they don't have to cut to a snow globe.

In the end, Sam is safe, as is Marissa.  Although you could tell he was surprised.

Dude was totally dressed up and ready to go back to his job as a cater waiter.

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  1. "Dude was totally dressed up and ready to go back to his job as a cater waiter." LOL
    man..this made me laugh SO much!!! Sam, you`re good!! love your blog!!! except when u say bad things of Samuel!!haha