Monday, July 11, 2011

Be Unforgettable

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you who sent me videos of this episode--you guys are the ONLY reason I'm getting to write a blog today. Really, I love you guys.

Second of all, for anyone who doubts me:

Yes, I am, in fact, psychic.

Although how I possibly could have been accurate considering this is beyond me. Asshat needs some electro-shock therapy (and possibly some jailtime) because he PRAISED this miniature Chippendale, and ELIMINATED McKynleigh.


I always knew McKynleigh wouldn't ever make it far in this show--she didn't give the producers enough to work with. Maybe if she had flailed around, whining and crying about how she couldn't get better and provided some Alex or Lindsay level drama, they would have let her stay.

Well... that may be an overstatement. I actually thought she was really cute in the homework assignment, Betty Boop inspiration be damned.

It's kind of hard to talk about McKynleigh's performance in this episode, because when they showed her, it wasn't really that they were showing her performing:

"Her delivery is just...she had a hard time with her delivery."
"McKynleigh! I gotta see you today!"

They were showing her performances getting critiqued, each person basically saying the same thing. At the very beginning of the episode, even, as Harry Shum Jr. (SWOOOOOON) was talking to the cast about personality being the most important aspect of dance, the camera panned straight to McKynleigh. During Nikki's recording studio soliloquy about rap having to mainly do with personality, suddenly McKynleigh pops out of nowhere. They may as well have just painted a red 'X' on her face and called it day.

Someday, I want a like, post modern reality show where everyone has to wear a t-shirt with their role on the show on the back. There would be about four or five actual 'contenders', a 'bitch', a 'sub-bitch', a 'gay guy', a couple of 'diverse' people, 'talented people who give the show cred' and then 'guy who everyone wants to rip the shirt off of'.

McKynleigh clearly agrees.

I actually didn't think she did all that poorly recording wise, in the video. In fact, I think she did a lot better than Cameron, Matheus, and Alex, none of whom I can remember AT ALL.

"You can make people feel your voice, but your face has to communicate."

I was very happy to see A, that they seemed to give Nikki a bigger part in the elimination process, and B, how nice Nikki's interaction was with McKynleigh. This is why I think she--instead of Zach--she be in the seat next to Ryan during eliminations. I think she has a much more objective perspective than the guys do.

As for the performance:

I mean, she NAILED it. They asked her to pop, she popped. She sang her ass off. She kept her clothes on. She did everything perfectly, and she wasn't a cocky jackass like the other two. Clearly the couldn't come up with a reason to send her home, because that was the most vague, inconclusive judging session they have had yet. Although, I don't know what the hell I'm expecting from the guy who decided to climax both seasons of his show with the main characters who are obviously in love with each other falling back in love.

And he's also the guy who watched this performance--in yet another winter jacket, I might add--and had this to say:

"I just want you to own it a little bit more."

"Dude, who do you think I am? Rupaul? Lay off the blow."

I don't really have anymore to say to the affect of "McKynleigh was robbed." This was just a really cute photo.

I hope to hear from her again someday soon. And by that I mean, I can't wait to hear her inevitable country album. Her first single can either be "Asshat McSTFU" or "Tales of a Terrified English Sub." Make it happen, McBumpkin.


  1. Have you noticed that whenever a last-chance performer has something that Ryan says he wishes he had on the show, they're always the one to go? He said he wishes he had someone who could song jazz, and then Ellis was eliminated. Emily showed him how to do "Grenade", them she went. And last night, he said he wished he had someone who could do country, and, lo and behold, McKynleigh is axed.


  2. Thanks for your blog! I've also been searching everywhere for Episode 4, do you know where I could find it?

  3. Do you have any idea when hulu is putting the episode up? I'm not sure where else to watch it.

  4. The episode itself will be up on hulu come Thursday, I believe.

  5. here you can use this link if you want...

  6. I loved Miki!!!

  7. You are so fabulous, RandomAfghan!!! Thank you for the link. I love this blog too, Samuel. It's so fun!

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