Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aretha Brings The House Down

"Alex, what word symbolizes vulnerability to you?"

"You're shitting me, right?"

Alex here has got to be one of the most tolerant gay people ever.  From the way Idina Menzel all but told him to cry about being gay last episode, to the way Eric up there gave him that little pandering speech this week, I'm surprised Aretha Junior didn't strangle some errant crew member or junior producer with one of his ever present scarves.

Er, I mean, burst into tears...?

Yeah, right.  Listen, this kid doesn't have a problem being gay.  He's embarrassed to talk openly about his sexual preferences, but show me an eighteen year old who isn't.  Hell, show me a thirty year old who's completely comfortable with their sexuality.

No, Alex knew he had a larger cause to address: the gay thing.  Sadly, despite what you see on Glee, a lot of young people (even older people) are still terrified to admit that they're homosexual.  So Alex sucked up whatever more specific vulnerability he probably had, and earned his place on the show yet again by addressing the hardships of gay teenagerdom.

By singing P!nk like she dabbled in nineteenth century Opera while writing this.

To be perfectly fair, his acting was REALLY on point this homework challenge--it truly looked like he was fighting with someone he cared about.  Most everyone else just kind of pumped their fists at every vocal crest.

You'd think they were at a Celine Dion concert with all the fist shaking and sternum thumping going on there.

Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

"I'm not looking forward to having people judge me."

Child, you are on The Glee Project--people are NOT going to judge you for being gay, trust me.  Also, chambray? Really?

Anyways, even though it may not have been his biggest vulnerability, it's certainly something he's struggled with and is still insecure about.

"I'm really just concentrating on trying not to cry."

He certainly looked that way throughout the filming and video.

For all I know, I am VERY wrong.  Homosexuality is different for everyone.  The only thing suggesting that Alex is not insecure about his sexuality, is his security with himself--the kid does not suffer from a lack of self confidence.  After all, why should he?

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