Monday, June 20, 2011

You Say Lindsay Like It's A Bad Thing


So now's about the time I would normally do the winner of the homework challenge, but I would honestly rather hang myself talk about a bit more of a pressing matter.  Like how best to medicate Lindsay, before one of her cast mates snaps and shoves a microphone down her throat.

"That bitch is phony, phony, phony, phony, phony."

Like this one was rearing to all episode.  Although, if someone gave me a sit down narrative about the definition of theatricality in what sounded exactly like Rachel Berry's rhetoric, I might snap too.

Still, I couldn't help but find her giggling at being complimented by one of her idols anything but endearing.  She even called out 'me' like Idina was calling attendance.

And now we start a series of obnoxious remarks that completely ruin that moment of sheer cuteness.

"So Ellis, best first kiss ever?"

"It hasn't even felt like a competition yet--for example, Nikki thinks I'm wonderful."

"Uh, did you hear it? That's what I did."

Now, there is no question about it--these soundbites were obnoxious.  But the thing is, she's didn't really do anything wrong.  The 'kiss' thing was probably meant to be friendly, and the other two...she really did a fantastic job with that note.  Really, best vocal work thus far.  The training she's had really shines in the recording studio--she may not be the absolute best natural singer, but she has technical skill that surpasses any of the other rugrats.  Not to sound cliched, but she knows what she's doing.

She still didn't really stand out to me in the video--in fact, she gave pretty much the same attitude and performance she did last week, in my opinion.  But then they keep giving her the same lines over and over.

She must have pulled a Damian and pissed off the costume gays this week because...gee-zuss.  Remember the actual Glee 'Theatricality' episode when Rachel showed up with beanie babies stapled on to her?


Then the Ellis thing happened.  Honestly, I think I covered it--displaced stress and nerves.  Lindsay is dealing with the stress by being overly helpful and enthusiastic, the same way Ellis was being overly self-critical.  I kinda felt bad for her for a second, because everyone basically decided she was a bitch right then and there.  She honestly seemed to be trying to make a good point about how to interact...

"Apparently I did something right because there is just blessing after blessing thrown at me."


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  1. Yup totally agree! Lindsay has an amazing voice and broadway-like talent, but the pieces show in this episode were NOT in her favor! Also- you crack me up! ESP. Ur comment about upsetting the costume gays lol. I'll stay posted, and for now will reserve judgement on lindsays supposed bitchiness. She's still one of my faves..for now.... ;)