Monday, June 27, 2011

Used Again

It's very rare that I'm actually surprised by reality TV.  I've watched and studied it for so long that I'm very quick to identify discernible patterns in eliminations, winners, and people who were just cast to get sent up the river.  I had figured Emily was not long for this show after last week when she was surprised to be in the bottom, and vowed to try harder this week.

What she revealed about herself may have been the most heartbreaking of all of the realizations.  Being as talented as she is, being manipulated time and again for/because of her looks and sexuality must be incredibly painful, and I can't imagine what it must being doing to her self esteem.  People always assume that pretty people don't have feelings, but Emily here is a perfect example of the kind of hurt they go through--the assumption that they are worth nothing more than their looks.  I'm sure she's heard this a thousand times, but Emily, girl, you're very pretty, but you are also one hell of a singer.

Emily proved that she was one of the most capable--and the most polished--vocalists on the show, and this rendition of 'Please Don't Leave Me' was, in my personal opinion, far and away the best one that day.  Lindsay said her piece about not being treated fairly, but if anyone had the right to complain, it was Emily up there.  No one touched her, or even came close.  Why Dot chose Matheus is maddeningly puzzling.

"You got it on the DOT, honey!"

Although it's hard to feel bad for her when she keeps ripping on the same person over and over.  That could just be editing, but she gave them the material to work with, and they ran with it--oh the responsibility that comes with a sassy tongue.

It was odd, however, to see just how lost she was in this.  In this instance, I believe what the mentors were saying--Emily was definitely using humor to mask the pain of what she'd been through.  Feeling duped is, again, particularly painful because not only are you hurt, but you feel stupid.  Pretending like you're okay with it gives you some level of control, like you were in on the joke.  And speaking of jokes:

The look on her face when they announced Lindsay was still on the call back list was hysterical.

To be as fair as possible, she seemed to completely understand the issues they had with her when they announced she was in the bottom 3.

But this was NOT the best way to convey that.  As soon as I saw this part of her last chance performance, I knew she was done for.  She needed to overcome what she had failed to do in the main challenge, and instead she took two steps back.  Looking at the screen shots, Emily isn't singing 'Grenade'; she's doing her best Lisa Lampinelli impersonation.

You get the same interpretation from the peanut gallery, too.

It was heartbreaking knowing that she was going home during this scene, when she thought she had basically just won herself the competition from Ryan's heaping acclaim of her performance.

The Glee Project is becoming a class in organic reactions.  Last week we had Ellis's portrayal of 'expected disappointment' and this week we're getting 'stunned into shock'.  The fact that her face did not flinch from that expression for so long that the camera had to cut to a different scene tells me just how real what she was feeling was--after all, she got used yet again.

I'm disappointed to see Emily go so early, but I think this was for the best.  She was never going to win this thing, and the editing was making her out to be psychotic.  From what I've heard, her new single is coming out today, which she will probably link over her twitter which you can find here.  I feel like it's worth a listen.  Besides:

"Somebody's gettin' pregnant, and it's probably gonna be me."

Girl's packing an extra sandal for those who don't give her due.


  1. I was surprised actually. Emily sang and performed well. I think the show is too hard to predict because it comes down to Ryan and who he thinks he can 'write for'. Very subjective. All three of the 'bottoms' this week deserved to move on over others. Guess Ryan has some great storyline ideas for Cameron and Damian. I'm sure they will join a sports team or it will be shirts vs. skins in gym class in some episode.

    I love reading your blog, Sam. You are entertaining, have good points and you're a great writer!

  2. i really look forward to all your post! and for the most part we have the same opinions.

    Sometimes do you wonder when they are going to start acting? like FOR REAL acting? cause i am sick of just the same thing over again at least the next episode is with Dance-for real this time!