Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Wild and Crazy Guys

You when you're just...wrong?

Yeah, yeah, rub it in.

...I still hate your dreads.

I'd been getting a little bit of sass from the SamFans about how I was being too judgmental, too harsh. And they were right. His rendition of 'Bad Romance' was by far my favorite, and he sang it beautifully. I was shocked, actually, that he not only impressed the hell out of me and Idina, or that he knocked out some killer MJ moves...

But that he was also genuinely surprised and flattered at Idina singling him out for commentary. It was like he was completely unaware of just how good he was.

Having said what I have about Samuel in the last episode, I've decided that Katy Perry just really wasn't his thing. Because this week?

"For a second, when they said 'action', I actually believed they loved me."

Night and mothereffing day.  I mean, the kid up there? Sexy, confident, enjoying the hell out of himself--nowhere near the bored and sad looking emo kid from last week.

"My voice is just pissing me off this week."

We all have those days, where the song just isn't resonating with our vocal chords.  I can't imagine how awful it must feel, however, when this song is so much closer to his wheelhouse than any other song he's been singing thus far, and it's the only time his singing has been technically weak and criticized.  Still he was collected and excited on set.

Probably because he got to pick out his wardrobe.  He actually made me want to wear a pair of leopard skinny pants.

Now let's talk about Cameron:

And how freaking sexy he looked in this episode.  Like seriously, I had to take a cold shower after I watched it.

It didn't help.

"Cameron went from Weezer to...Rock God." 

Like, how are those even the SAME PERSON?  Omitting both his mediocre, awkward, underwhelming performance in 'Bad Romance' (okay, maybe not so omitted) and the totally undeserved rip on Weezer's God status (pretty sure they wrote the Bible on indie rock) Cameron really showed his bamf status this week, and affirmed for me that he is probably walking away with this competition.

His performance in the video was just utterly adorable, and completely unparalleled.  That air-guitar move, crowd surfing the mosh pit was a stroke of freaking genius.

"You know, I've got moves, so it works for me."

And his dancing, as Zach predicted, fit in flawlessly with the idea of the shoot.  I would get comfortable to having him around, since he'll probably be on Glee in the Fall.
Now for some gratuitous sexy shots:

Excuse me while I fan myself.

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  1. Pretty excellent assessment, if I do say so myself. I've read your other posts, and i find myself agreeing with most of what you say. Aside from the gay stuff. :)