Sunday, June 26, 2011

Those Other Three

So I've had a really busy week between midterms for summer school, going to out of state concerts with my little sister (Taylor Swift in the pouring rain--BEST EVER) and going back and forth between apartments taking care of cats.

Yeah, CATS. EW.

Anyways, Emily, Marissa, and Alex all sort of slipped through my mind, so I'm just going to give brief overviews of them this week.  Sorry you guys.

Okay, fine, Marissa gets a few more photos because she's my favorite.  (She and Ellis, that is.)  But...did anything happen with her this week?  I watched this episode SO many times, and it seemed like they did the same thing with her that they did with Damian--just gave her nothing to do.

Except those runs--they were the best part of the whole video for me, and after that disaster performance of hers in 'Bad Romance', they were exactly what the doctor ordered, and she managed to show a boat load of personality in the video.  She looks like she's going to struggle with something in the upcoming episode--I hope she gets through it okay.  Coz she's still the best, in my opinion.

Do I have to?

Ugh, fine.

Alex here...did amazingly well in 'Bad Romance' and did okay in the video, but his stage presence is just exhausting banal.  He toned it down this episode, but in less of a professional way and more of a 'shy' way, which definitely not going to do him any favors.

Plus did anyone think he got a little high and mighty?  No? Just me? Alright, I expected as much.

Emily, GIRL.  If anyone needed a lude this week, it was this girl.  I mean, seriously, WHAT WAS UP?  I mean, lock me in a room with Lindsay, and it might get messy after a week or so, but they've been together for less than two days, and this girl is ready to light her on fire.

Anyways, I thoughts her 'Bad Romance' performance was the most polished sounding of all of them, and her performance in the video was, like Alex, banal.  Just a cliched take on rock star, with a little Broadway thrown in.  She may have actually deserved to be in the bottom 6 this week after all.

Anyways, I'm stoked for tonight's episode, and I'm going to try to put up my 2nd episode list before tonight.  It's had some changes.

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