Monday, June 20, 2011

Sadness Abounds

Alright, let's get into this.


Seriously though: what?  This girl was easily the most fun, most relatable, most genuinely interesting person I have seen on reality TV possibly ever.  And I have watched a lot of reality TV.

I have to be straight forward here: I really liked Ellis.  I'm having trouble writing this post because I just strongly disapprove with how she was portrayed in this episode.  Especially since I can trace her elimination back to one person:

If I were to believe the editing, Ellis is just a nasty, insecure girl.  But if you look at this episode, the one place where Ellis really did any wrong at all was giving this egotistical pretty boy some lip.  First she couldn't do the choreography, then she gave his assistant a little off color comment, and finally, she made the ultimate sin of all of going up against Matheus, and crushing him in the sing-off.  When it was clear that Zach's little bro was on his way out the door, all of a sudden, they're questioning sincerity? Really?

Anyways, let's look at the talent portion of this program objectively:

ELLIS WAS VOGUEING.  And well, I might add.  Like, this girl is clearly aging backwards.  Maybe they cut her for lying about her age?

Either way, this was the second time she was singled out for doing something interesting with her vocals for the homework assignment.  If the show didn't have money to make off of Idina Menzel forcing tears out of Alex because he was bullied for being gay, she probably would have taken this one.  She ended up getting more screen time in the music video anyways.

Let's go back to last week, shall we?  I mean, how could this girl have been considered for elimination given that she was able to rock such diverse looks in such an amazingly convincing way?  Look at the above screen shot, and try telling me with a straight face that Ellis here wasn't made for TV.

And this was just adorable.  In fact, her whole 'creepy jock infatuation' was really well done.  It made me uncomfortable and managed to be endearing all at once.

They could have gotten a hotter bunch of jocks though, huh?  It's like they did their casting in an actual college locker room, except these guys were the Junior Varsity boys.

More on this business later.  To be fair, nothing Lindsay said was wrong (although the 'first kiss' comment was seethingly bitchy and uncalled for) but she was a little protrusive in this episode.  Ellis probably didn't mean to lash out at her specifically--she was probably just stressed and tired, and needed an outlet, which Lindsay unintentionally provided.

She probably could have sung this better, but she performed the hell out of it, letting Asshat McBeanie know that she was packing chrome.

"They thought I couldn't change.  I wish I had the chance to 
show them how confident I am."

Again, I've been watching reality TV for a long time, but this is the first time a contestant has said something so profoundly articulate of their sadness.  Every time I watch this scene, it makes me choke up.  The disappointment on her face at realizing she wasn't getting a callback was just so palpable, so real.  You rarely get that kind of emotional depth from these kinds of shows.  She really wanted to try hard and get better, and instead they sold her up the river for a body rolling ball of diversity who can neither sing nor act.

Personally, I'll miss Ellis a lot, and she'll certainly have a notable absence on the show.

Something tells me that this won't be the last we see of her though.  She's too intrinsically awesome to let go of so quickly.


  1. Sam,
    I agree with you about the elimination and I thought that Mckinliegh was going to go. Ellis added personality to her song, she didn't just sing, she put herself into it. I think confidence can come with time. The fact that she had her very first kiss on screen and didn't seem to complain about it, proves that she pushed her to do something she wasn't entirely comfortable with. She understands that it is a character show.

    I find Matheus very uncomfortable to watch, he kind of creeps me out a little. While I was watching him sing, I couldn't help thinking this looked like a bad karaoke performance. I didn't understand why he was on the show.

    Mckinleigh's singing was great, but I kept waiting for her to do something. All she is trying to do is to be whatever they want her to be, she is begging to be their little puppet. She doesn't understand that this entire show is about being different. She isn't going to change, you can't grow a personality. I thought she should have gone home last night.

    The one thing we have learned is that: Attitude is not acceptable on the set of GLEE because that is why the last two contestants were sent home.

    I predict that Cameron will be the winner of this competition. He is talented, seems comfortable in all situations and is attractive, but can play the nerd. He is kind of like the sexy librarian once she takes off her glasses and lets down her hair.

  2. Haha, I like how you see thing Reb!