Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lindsay Learns To Listen

Wow, I'm just cranking out the children's book titles, aren't I?

Now comes my favorite part of the blogging week: trying to get Lindsay to send me an angry email instead of the endearing tweets I keep getting.  Seriously, it gets harder and harder to be mean to this girl.

"I am one of the most vulnerable people I know."

...or not.  I mean, come ON.  Lindsay outdid herself in levels of self-regard this week.  From the above:

 "She's one of my favorite characters!"

"I don't think that at all--I really was feeling something."

To this little game of bi-polarity, I'd say my previous of Lindsay needing meds is pretty spot on, if not conservative.  Although, I have to say, before they up her dosage, they should think about the reality TV gold she has been producing in terms of reactions.

 "This chick is really going there, isn't she?"

 "Lindsay's a very smart girl, but she definitely has to learn to let other people talk."

And my personal favorite:
"You can't get a word in.  Sometimes you feel like putting a sock in her mouth."

HOW MORE PERFECT COULD SHE POSSIBLY BE!?  Inspiring shock, exhaustion, and thoughts of violence all within the first fifteen minutes?  I would marry this woman if New York hadn't just made it legal for me to marry other guys.  I almost want her to win just so she could take Lea Michele down a peg or two.


Ignoring the homework assignment (which she totally sucked at, by the way) I do have to say that something for her self assessment this week.  While at first it seemed she was going down a pretty vain road to insecurity calling herself a trophy, being able to call herself fake has got to be very hard to do.  Maybe not 'anorexic' or 'fat' hard, but to basically say 'yeah, I'm pretty sure people hate my personality' and know that it's true shows a lot of self awareness that she otherwise seems to lack.

You know, like how last week she gave everyone a lecture on how to deal with their mentors, before shitting all over Dot Marie's critique of her performance.

"That was a little too sung for my taste."

The fact that Lindsay disappointed on a vocal front was surprising, until the kind of singing expected for this challenge revealed itself in the video.  Her melodic falsetto missed the mark by a long shot.

However, Lindsay surprising excelled in the video this week.  As I've said in the past, she doesn't really pop on camera, but she showed massive vulnerability in this main challenge, and definitely popped here.  I have a theory that this 'fake' issue was not some magical revelation that Lindsay had on the show, but something people have confronted her about in the past.  The look of hurt and loneliness on her face in this scene when everyone got up and left her was too palpable to be fabricated.

In the end, Lindsay ends up on the brink of the bottom, and I have a heart attack.  Thank God for her past experience as an outcast bitch, because whichever girl went up against Asshat's hard on for both Irish Spring and Cameron the Great was going down.

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