Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Have Confidence In Sunshine

...but apparently not in...slightly hazy skies?  I mean, Hannah, what was UP, girl?  She went from personable, confident, and exuberant, to paranoid and needy at a suggestion from the vocal coach.  I mean, the woman smiled pleasantly the whole time and said that they could work with what she'd produced.  She just said to start softer.  It's not like she went after her singing ability like she did with Ellis.

"My recording didn't go as well as I would have liked it I think I could possibly be one of the three last chance performers."

Like...what? What is this based off of? Again I bring up Ellis because bitch has laryngitis or whatever and SHE wasn't even freaking out.  Did I miss something? Did Miss 'Most Likely To Check Myself Into A Psych Ward Because EVERYBODY HATES ME OMG' pull out a gun and shoot Nicki in the foot? Listen, I get that this is a major deal and everyone involved must be freaking out over the opportunity, but basically begging the director to tell you how to act your scene was so ridiculously over-the-top insecure that I am sure it was what led her to the bottom six this week.

Come to think of it, Hannah probably should have been in the bottom 3 because she was, again, less confident in her singing than the sick girl was.  Like, that's messed up girl.

Anyways.  It's interesting to note how much different she looks on film than just on the show--her face takes light brilliantly.  In fact, and this may sound weird, but I think that her biggest strength is how much like a TV character she looks.  And damn, she has the best smile.  As long as she can get her confidence up, she has the voice, the look, and the raw material to really get up there in this competition. I'm very interested in seeing how she plays out.

Continuing with our confidence theme, as Glee would do, here we have the completely and utter opposite side of the spectrum.  And it's just as annoying.

Here's the thing: I don't like this kid.  He is probably going to get unflattering screen shots and lackluster commentary all season long from me.  I first, I thought I was being homophobic (yes, even gays can be homophobic.)  But generally, I love gays like this--they've got tons of attitude, sass, personality, and they're always the life of the party, even if the party is just the two of you.  And then one sole event captured the explanation of why I  couldn't stand him:


THIS KID IS A MASSIVE ATTENTION WHORE.  We all know this person--they are physically incapable of talking about anything but themselves. If the conversation veers from this topic, they do something loud or obnoxious to get the focus back on themselves.  This was my best friend for a long time, until she became hurtful of my other friends just to get attention.  We no longer keep in touch.

Now, I don't know if it was editing or what, but Mr. 'Most Likely To End Up A Drag Impersonator Of Aretha' certainly tried everything he could to be as odd and attention sucking as possible, from speaking in a falsetto while he was being directed, to fucking shrieking on set.  Kid, please, wave that gay flag high and proud, but drop the diva-tude.  You are NOT that good.

Oh, right, he like, sang and stuff too, didn't he?

Case in point about the not-being-that-good: this whole thing was a sharp, shreiky nightmare that even Nicki seemed to recoil from.  He's got to learn that this 'how high can you go' schtick is going to get old.  Just because you can hit that note, sweetie, doesn't mean it sounds good.

Also, who else thought it was still him singing when they panned the camera to Lindsay recording right after his session?  Intentional?

Either way, regardless of how much of a headache he's going to give me (and as hard as it's going to be for me to say this) the kid is definitely talented, and if he tones it down a notch or two, he's got the raw material and personality to get to the top.

I just thought I should let you know in advance, that there is no earthly way this kid isn't going to cry about how hard it is to be gay.  Not necessarily because Oxygen+Glee equals manufactured emotional set ups to the Nth degree (even though that is going to be what sparks it) but because, like Alex, I'm from Massachusetts, and I know what Lynn is like.  It's not the nicest of towns, suffice to say.  The kid has probably had to deal with a lot of...


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  1. Spot on, once again, Blondie. Hannah doesn't appear to offer much besides self-consciousness, and Alex annoys me times infinity with the attention-grabbing, squeaky voice, and gay sob-story. Not to come across as "I hate them" because I think they are definitely talented, just not as talented or naturally attention grabbing as the others. How often do they talk about Camerons sob-show of the life of a talented nerd? And yet everyone loves him, because he has that natural attention grabbing spark. And the whole show is rigged for him. ;)