Friday, June 24, 2011

Hannah and Damian: Rocky Horror Meets The Clash

Apparently when you say "Eighties Glam Rock" to the Glee Project costuming staff:

They hear "Rocky Horror Plushy Fetish".  Anyways, let's start from the top:

I personally thought that Hannah did the worst in this homework challenge.  It's starting to become apparent that she may not really know her voice all that well, as Nikki said about the whole cast in the first episode.  Had she utilized that sexy, raspy tone her voice likes to fade into, this could have been HOT.

Regardless, apparently she thought so too:

"I need to channel the inner rouge, channel the inner di-va."

Because girl BROUGHT it for the main challenge.  Like, this was killer.  She seemed to be one of the only ones that understood that she needed to portray a completely different persona for this video.  Samuel and Cameron did well in the video too, but they already have that alternative kind of rebellious persona--they lucked into it, in other words.  Hannah really tried to alter her demeanor to fit the character she was assigned.  And girl?

Well. Effing. DONE.  Seriously, if I had to pick a winner for the video of itself, Hannah would have been very close, if not at the top of my list.  I'll say it again--something about this girl just majorly POPS on camera.  She just dominates the frame.  Look at that second photo, for example.  Where the hell is the nervous girl from last week?  Nowhere.  Amazing growth.

So does anyone want to explain to me how in the world she ended up in the bottom six?  Sure, you could argue that her 'Bad Romance' was the weakest, but her performance in the video had to have cancelled that out.  I would have put Alex in the bottom over her.  Although to be fair, this 'bottom six' gimmick seems fairly arbitrary, because neither she nor Emily (nor Damian, to a certain extent) deserved to be there this week.

Anyways, it stands that Hannah was another one that I was completely wrong about.  For one:

"Was there tongue? Shoot girl!"

She could teach Lindsay a thing or two about how to interact with people.  Which, come to think about it...

"I don't think she's very nice, honestly--I think she's kinda mean."

Her reactions to Bitch make it seem like she's ready to give her a good talking to.

And then other times, her reactions are just pure gold.  Keep this girl around, Oxygen.

And now comes the swooning part of our program: 

My heart is yours for the taking, Irish Spring.  Also, nice analogous color scheme.

He's so clearly playing for my team.

Like, I can't even try to critique him.  He's just so cute.  And then his little air hump/octave jump? SO SEXY--the panties coming off, off.

"I'm feeling fantastic! Do I look it?"

YES.  Ugh, just come and take me in your arms and...sigh.  Happy moment.

I'll try to shake off the hormones for a second to critique this kid.

They didn't give him much to do, but what he did, he did well., that really was a second.  Was he in this episode?  Where did I get these screenshots?

When he ended up here, I knew he was going to be fine.  They just gave him NOTHING to do this episode, probably because he's such a great character that they didn't want to give him the opportunity to fuck up past a reconcilable point, like he did last episode.  Now that he's proven he just needed to warm up maybe they'll, you know, give him something to do.

Or at least make him take his shirt off.


  1. nice post! fun to read and intresting.

  2. You made me laugh! I'm one of those old ladies who love Celtic Thunder... so I have to root on the home team! Are you implying that he may be ***? Don't break the young girls hearts as they are his fan base. I like your critiques, very good!

  3. Lol yeah, I think Hannah will prove to be quite a character. And they really give Damian nothing to least they showed him doing his adorable Irish rap...which was about GIRLS. Haha, he is totally not gay, don't get ur hopes up, Blondie. :)

  4. Awesome! I really like The Glee Project and I'm kind of mad that Ellis got voted off.

  5. I already started loving your blog so frekin much! love how you get the screenshots they're hillarious... and Damian's are so perfect. And, no... he's not gay... not aiming to ofend and as Rorri said... don't break our hearts ;) (hell he's NOT gay at all :9)